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TATUR Mud Run – The 2011 Dirty Results

Last weekend the TATUR Mud Run got down and dirty for a cause in Tulsa, Oklahoma…to raise funds for the Oklahoma Firefighter’s Burn Camp which services children that are burn victims or have disfiguring types of injuries.

Getting dirty is not an option! (Photo: Copyright Leesa Parker / Upstream Photography)

This dirty 1.5 mile obstacle adventure included objects to go over, under, through, and down.

It was wet.

It was flippin’ hot…of course!

It was dirty.

It was loads of fun!


The cleanest you will look - right here! (Photo: Courtesy Bert Peake)

Who cares? It’s a darn mud run.

OK, For those that attempted to walk on water…and failed, here are the top 5 men and women.

Top 5 male

  1. Darren Hutchins – 9:43
  2. Seth Black – 9:47
  3. Ryan Doyeto – 10:29
  4. Matt Bowler – 10:40
  5. Jason Tilton – 10:41

Top 5 female

  1. Mary Cate Scroggins – 11:59
  2. Grace Skocik – 12:00
  3. Becky Busch – 12:02
  4. Ute Nestler – 12:34
  5. Melanie Lye – 12:58

Complete Results

The Important Stuff – Photos

Obviously not his first time! Bring it! (Photo: Copyright Leesa Parker / Upstream Photography)

Rookie! (Photo: Copyright Leesa Parker / Upstream Photography)

Over the wall. Welcome mud! (Photo: Courtesy Bert Peake)

My ring is in here somewhere! (Photo: Courtesy Bert Peake)

No beam walking here. (Photo: Copyright Leesa Parker / Upstream Photography)

And we will close with this sweet photo!

His face.

The droplets of water/mud flying around…if you look closely.

The person behind him watching with hesitation. Do I go or not?!?

Next year's event promotional pic! (Photo: Copyright Leesa Parker / Upstream Photography)

A huge thanks to Leesa Parker of Upstream Photography for profiling these killer photos. Leesa will have a large collection of great mud run photos on her site at 2011 TATUR Mud Run. Currently there is a small sample. More coming soon. Be sure the check them out!

Also a big thanks to Bert Peake for clicking off some sweet shots as well and sharing them with the Endurance Buzz community. Love it!

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