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El Scorcho Ultramarathon – 2011 Results

The nocturnal fun continued on the flat and fast course at Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas for the El Scorcho 50/25 km adventure on July 17th, 2011.

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Over 400 runners gave themselves permission to stay up late for the midnight start and run the loopy 5 km course that included a city park run surface buffet – limestone, asphalt, concrete sidewalk, foot bridges, and a basketball court.

90+ degree temps…of course!


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50 km

For those that survived the conditions, sub 3 hour marathoner, Todd Reynolds took off like a firecracker at the start running a spicy sub 7 minute 5 km loop to create over a one minute gap on the next chasers that included Greg Takacs and Edgar Martinez. This was the last time we saw a sub 7 minute loop…from anyone!

After 15 km of racing Todd maintained a gap over Greg and Edgar but the separation was slowly closing.

Over the next 5 km loop (15km -> 20km), both Greg and Edgar took themselves to the front of the race with Greg at point and Edgar firmly in the wing-man position, four seconds back after 20 km of racing.

At 30 km, Greg and Edgar continued the low 7 min/mile splits and passed across the timing mat in 2:14:44 and 2:14:23, but now Edgar has moved himself to the lead. Over the last 10 km Todd continued to gradually fade and was now seven+ minutes back. Still plenty of race if he could regroup.

Edgar remained extremely consistent to the finish and seemed to have effort, nutrition, and hydration dialed while Greg appeared to struggle between 35 and 45 km as his pace slowed significantly.

Edgar went on to knock nearly 20 minutes off his 2010 time and win the male race in an impressive 3:43:34.

Greg was able to regroup some during the final 5 km to earn a second place finish in 4:02:47.

Top 5 male

  1. Edgar Martinez – 3:43:34
  2. Greg Takacs – 4:02:47
  3. Todd Reynolds – 4:06:38
  4. Claude Hicks Jr. – 4:22:39
  5. Thomas Aten – 4:26:04

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2009 and 2010 female winner, Jayna Henstorf, was back to defend and would have to raise her game as Shaheen Sattar (2011 Boston Marathon – 3:09:01, sub 1:30 half marathoner) took the lead within the first 5 km loop. Of course, the first 5 km is barely a warm-up for a 50 km adventure but over the next 15 km Shaheen actually dialed up the effort running sub-8 minute pace. Shaheen had a three-+ minute gap over Jayna and was near or within the top 5 of the overall.

After 30 km, Shaheen had increased her lead to five minutes as Jayna slowed in the 25 to 30 km loop. During the final 20 km Shaheen was able to grow her lead, finish 4th overall, and win the female race in 4:15:46.

Jayna dug deep through the final 5 km loop to finish a solid second in 4:43:32.

Top 5 female

  1. Shaheen Sattar – 4:15:46 (*4th overall*)
  2. Jayna Henstorf – 4:43:32
  3. Suzy Seeley – 4:53:51
  4. Kim Gray – 5:19:38
  5. Jennifer Statler – 5:31:54

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50km Overall Results with detail loops

25 km

Three women within 2:30 of each other after 25 km of racing!

Defending female winner, Natalie Merrill, took off from the word “go” and averaged a 7:05 pace for the first 5 km loop. Emily Van Dyken and Maria Martinez followed within 40 seconds and 1:36 respectively.

At the 15 km mark, Natalie clocked a 1:09:24 with Emily closing the gap and only five seconds back. Maria maintained her extremely consistent pacing and followed 2:17 behind the race leader.

During the next 5 km Emily made her move to the front averaging 7:42 min/mile and creating a 1:30 gap in front of Natalie. 47 seconds behind Natalie, Maria continued her methodical pacing. 5 km to go!

Emily would not be caught and ran a 24:14 final 5 km to win the female race in 1:57:40.

The exciting dash for second…

Maria became this diesel locomotive with front headlight beaming at Natalie’s back. Ya see Maria had one extremely consistent gear that ticked off 7:36-7:46 miles for the entire 25 km. If you were in her path, she was going to mow you down. As Natalie put her remaining effort in keeping Maria at bay for five more kilometers, the bright light was progressively getting closer with each stride. Maria glided on by and crossed the finish line 40 seconds in front of Maria to earn second place in 1:59:35.

Talk about a lesson in patience. Wow!

Btw, Natalie still knocked off nearly three minutes from her 2010 time!

Top 5 female

  1. Emily Van Dyken – 1:57:40
  2. Maria Martinez – 1:59:35
  3. Natalie Merrill – 2:00:04
  4. Laurie Kirkland – 2:06:40
  5. Amy McKay – 2:08:12

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The 2010 male winning time would put you in 6th place this year. The heat was on!

Within the first 10 km, the pointy-end positions were locked in with Clay Emge (1:18 – 2011 Dallas Rock n’ Roll Half marathon) leading and inspiring with low 6 minute splits. Catch him? Forget about it…follow as best you can.

Clay averaged a 6:20 pace for the 25 km course to win by over two minutes in 1:38:18.

Brent Williams maintained his second position from the early miles and crossed the finish line in 1:40:59.

Top 5 male

  1. Clay Emge – 1:38:18
  2. Brent Williams – 1:40:59
  3. Gono Enriquez – 1:41:15
  4. Steve Pfiffner – 1:44:32
  5. Demery Cox – 1:48:04

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25 km Overall Results with lap detail

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Kendall black (age 62), Don Womble (age 63), Alan Davis (age 60), Britt Bell (age 63), J Davis Cohen (age 60), Chuck Riley (age 61), and Donald Snyder (age 60) all played on the 25 km course.
  • Robert Kosec (age 64) and Steve Boone (age 62) went ultra.

Life is play. Play is life.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • John Meredith appeared to implement a run/walk strategy before enjoying a morning sunrise and 50 km finish in 7:17:31.

Race Reports

  • Couldn’t find any race reports. 🙁

Congrats to all the runners! If you have any thoughts or experiences to share from the race, feel free to include them in the comments link below.

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4 Responses to “El Scorcho Ultramarathon – 2011 Results”

  1. on 25 Jul 2011 at 3:36 pm Harold Neiper

    90+ degree temps and barely a water bottle or other hydration gear to be found in those pics! How do they do it?

  2. on 26 Jul 2011 at 8:24 am David Hanenburg

    Harold – 5 km loop. Aid every 1.5 miles.

  3. on 26 Jul 2011 at 9:55 am Melvin Chu

    I have a race report up but it’s from the perspective of a guy running it casually vs racing. I’m friends with Shaheen’s group (DRP) – it’s amazing to see what they run week in, week out. She had the benefit this year of having run the Jemenez 50 miler.

  4. on 27 Jul 2011 at 8:40 am David Hanenburg

    Hey Melvin – Thanks for sharing. We love all race reports here on Endurance Buzz. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to checking it out…right now your site is down.