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Magnolia Hill Trail Run -2011 Results

The youthful Welsch sisters were back to dominate and inspire in the 5 km.

On July 3rd, over 80 trails runners played on the trails a short drive northwest of Houston on the grounds of Magnolia Hill Ranch. The Magnolia Hill Trail Run delivered a summer morning bipedal adventure that included a 15 km and 5 km option with views of spring-fed Turquoise Lake waiting for you at the finish.

Magnolia (Photo: Courtesy ouistitis @


The trail appeared to be a mix of clay, sand, and  good old dirt, as you wiggle and weave your way through a variety of towering pine trees.


15 km

The male win was an inspiring run between Jeorge Atena, Andrew Kirchhoff, and Joshua Scott. All three were within a few strides of each other for most of the run with Jeorge driving the train. As the miles continued to build, Andrew eventually moved himself up from third or forth position, to first. Andrew was able to created a 30 second gap at the finish and win the male race in 1:17:52 (8:21 min/mile avg. pace).

Jeorge held onto second position in 1:18:22.

Andrew Kirchhoff hanging in the lead group in the early miles. (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 photography llc /

Top 5 male

  1. Andrew Kirchhoff – 1:17:52
  2. Jeorge Atena – 1:18:22
  3. Joshua Scott – 1:20:10
  4. Jonathan Moody – 1:26:43
  5. Brian Ansley – 1:30:07

Pamela Ferguson (along with her trusted running partner) ran off the front in the early miles and ran in the top 10 of the overall. Pamela went on to win the female race by over 13 minutes with a 1:31:17 finish time.

Alyssa Crocker held off Kendra Winter in the dash for second and crossed the line in 1:44:21.

Pamela Ferguson and her running partner. (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 photography llc /

Top 5 female

  1. Pamela Ferguson – 1:31:17 (*7th overall*)
  2. Alyssa Crocker – 1:44:21
  3. Kendra Winter – 1:45:18
  4. Kelly Glanding – 1:47:58
  5. Donna Crocker – 1:52:04

5 km

In similar manner as the recently held Gator Bait Trail Run, elementary-aged sisters, Kaytlynn Welsch and Heather Welsch dominated. Older sister Kaytlynn led the way with younger sister a few strides behind. If their times are any indication, this course is slightly tougher than Gator Bait.

Kaytlynn averaged 8:04 pace to win the female race in 25:04. A couple dozen strides back, Heather cruised through the finish for second place with a time of 25:31.

Kaytlynn Welsch looking focused yet relaxed. (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 photography llc /

Top 5 female

  1. Kaytlynn Welsch – 25:04
  2. Heather Welsch – 25:31
  3. Sarah Neely – 28:13
  4. Maria Florencia Rubio – 28:51
  5. Diane Robinson – 32:43

From the start, Gustavo Roman Jr. cut the trail with James Mallia pushing the pace in chase. Gustavo held strong and created a 65 second gap with a 6:38 average pace, to win the male race in 20:37.

James earned second in 21:42.

Gustavo Roman Jr keepin' in quick! (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 photography llc /

Top 5 male

  1. Gustavo Roman Jr. – 20:37
  2. James Mallia – 21:42
  3. Theo Boyce Iii – 22:29
  4. Benjamin Davis – 22:29
  5. Judd Moody – 24:59

Complete Results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Gerry Simpson didn’t get enough at the Gator Bait Trail Run and was back for more in 60+ age group.
  • Thomas Schwartz completed the 5 km adventure in the 60+ age group.

(L-to-R: Gerry Simpson sportin’ his regionally famous hat. Thomas Sshwartz looking fresh enough for another loop! (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 photography llc /

Life is play. Play is life.

Race Reports

Congrats to all the runners!

Special thanks to bobcat13 photography, llc for the collection of race photos you see above!

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