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TALON Athletes Ready for Badwater Ultramarathon

Starting Monday July 11, the 34th Annual Badwater Ultramarathon guides runners 135 miles along the black-top roads from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, California. If the pavement pounding mileage isn’t enough, shoe melting heat will put your body, mind, and spirit to the test. Monday temps in Death Valley will start at 91F and peak to 113F.

Death Valley (Photo: Courtesy etechniker @

Out of 94 total participants, there will be four TALON athletes attempting to finish the journey within the 48 hour time limit. We have one returning veteran and three attempting their first Badwater.

Our TALON Athletes

Tim Neckar #85 – Texas

Tim is the sole veteran of the TALON athletes and has participated in the pavement cookin’ adventure five previous times. The most recent being 2007.

How is Tim felling coming into this year’s race?

“Body and mind are ready to go. It’s that time when you’re ready to get it over with. This time I am very confident of doing well. I’ve trained harder this year than I did in 2007. I’ve got an excellent crew as well. I’ll be pumped come Monday morning!!”

Charity: Snowdrop Foundation

Tim’s site: Runner One

Rochelle Frazeur #40 – Texas

While experienced in range of running distances up to 100 mile trail runs and 48 hour events, this will be Rochelle’s first Badwater.

How is Rochelle feeling coming into her first Badwater? (excerpts from an email Rochelle shared with me)

“In less than a week I am honored and privileged to be selected to compete against the most accomplished athletes in the Worlds Toughest Ultramarathon Race.  I will be representing North Texas along with 90 other people chosen from around the world, including 17 countries.  This year they have increased the difficulty by limiting the finish time from 60 hours to 48 hours.  This year also boasts the largest female field, nearly double past years, and there will be 28 of us including me.”

“All proceeds from the run go to our Charity Girls on the Run DFW.  This is a great program that not only teaches the girls to run a 5k but also how to handle issues such as body image, gossiping, bullying etc.”

“Its such an amazing thing to have this many accomplished athletes gathered in one location working toward the same finish line!.”

Charity: Girls on the run DFW

Rochelle’s site: Team Ultrachelle

Kimberlie Budzik #51 – Texas

Kimberlie has finished 100 mile adventures such as the Mother Road and Keys 100 but this will be her first Badwater.

Kimberlie shared the following thoughts about the upcoming 135 mile adventure.

“Badwater has been a dream of mine for years, so it’s quite exciting to be so much closer to race day on Monday, July 11.”

“Some moments I’m overwhelmed with what lies before me, and other times, I know that I have done everything I can possibly do with the time that I had to train, and all I need to do is just put one foot in front of the other and pay attention to my body along the way.”

“I am running this race in honor of a dear friend of mine who was to have been on my crew but is undergoing serious medical issues which will require her to have brain surgery on Tuesday morning while I am still running. So, no matter how difficult it may be out there, I am humbled to be able to run and to be a part of the 2011 Badwater race.”

Here is a good article with Kimberlie featuring her upcoming Badwater adventure.

Charity: Challenged Athletes Foundation

Tammy Walther #93 -Arkansas

Tammy has finished 100 mile races such as the Keys 100, Arkansas Traveller 100, and Rocky Raccoon 100. This will be Tammy’s first Badwater.

Charity: American Heart Association

Race Guide

Learn all about the race, hot weather racing, stats, course, and more, inside the 2011 Badwater Race Magazine.

TALON athlete and coach, Amanda McIntosh, also shares an article called Lessons Learned at Badwater.

Live Coverage

You can check out the webcast coverage here.

Good luck to all our TALON athletes at this year’s Badwater!

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