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TATUR Midnight Madness 50 Mile – 2011 Results

Oklahoma runner Katie Kramer, inspired at the front to run a negative split and win the overall! Watch out boys!

Photo: Courtesy Julie /

July 1st. Summer’s heat and humidity welcomed runners for the 11:59…PM start at the TATUR Midnight Madness 50 Miler on the River Parks paved trail system in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Start time temps were a chilly (cough, cough) 80 degrees and would warm up to the triple digits for the final ultra finishers.  The balmy conditions didn’t stop 151 runners from making it to the start line and an impressive 70% completed the 51.5 mile star and sun guided adventure!


Runners cruise along the East and West banks of the Arkansas River on the paved River Parks trail system. Each loop is 10.3 miles. To mix things up a little bit, there are a couple hills during the middle miles and each subsequent loop is ran in the opposite direction.

Course maps


Race start! (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

The overall win was an inspiring display of consistency. After 30-ish miles race leader, Cole Starkey, held a five minute lead over Katie Kramer and a 16 minute gap with second place male, Shannon McFarland. Those that run ultras know the race is now just beginning.

Since mile 20, Cole’s lap splits continued to slow by 14-33 minutes per lap. While Cole’s legs began to get heavy, Katie maintained light-footed consistent  lap splits (1:25-ish) and moved to the front of the race between mile 30 and 40. Katie negative split the 51.5 mile course to win the overall in 7:01:54! Yes, a negative split in tough conditions and she ran her fastest lap (by 4 min 29 sec) during the final 10 miles – gotta love that! Cole held onto second position and won the male race in 7:47:02.

Katie Kramer - Overall race winner looking quite relaxed. (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

During the last 10.3 mile loop Allyson Weimer made up a two minute deficit over Shannon McFarland (looked to be struggling) and finished third overall and second female in 8:08:21. Shannon kept the feet moving forward to finish second male in 8:27:40.

A couple interest items of note for Katie:

  • Katie knocked off over 1 hour 23 minutes from her 2010 Midnight Madness time.
  • Two week prior to this race, Katie ran Grandma’s Marathon and set a new PR of 2:58:15.

Top 5 female

  1. Katie Kramer – 7:01:54 (*overall win*)
  2. Allyson Weimer – 8:08:21 (*3rd overall*)
  3. Lori Davis – 8:37:46 (*5th overall*)
  4. Jenny Weatter – 8:53:25 (*8th overall*)
  5. Stacey Shaver-Matso – 8:58:36 (*9th overall*)

Hydration, food, and a photo! (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

Top 5 male

  1. Cole Starkey – 7:47:02
  2. Shannon McFarland – 8:27:40
  3. Aaron Ochoa – 8:48:33
  4. Jeremy Huxol – 8:51:47
  5. John Reed – 9:22:54

Cheers! (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

Overall Results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Jeannie McDaniel, Robert Dewar, Dennis Crosby, Matthew Hamidullah, Terry Smith, and Dan Simon, all enjoyed a star-lit run in the 60+ age group!

Life is play. Play is life.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Jimmy Moore crossed the finish line with day-time temps at their peak at 15:06:23.

Race Reports

  • “The course is great–for paved trails. Crossing the old railroad/pedestrian bridge is always a treat. This is one section where there is always a breeze.” by TZ @ …miles to go before I sleep…

Congrats to all the runners!

Special thanks to Jule @ trailing along for the variety of race photos above.

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