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Pure Austin XTERRA Muleshoe Trail Run – 2011 Results

On the 16th of June, 67 runners participated in the Pure Austin XTERRA Muleshoe Trail Run at Muleshoe Bend Recreational Area, a short drive northwest of Austin, Texas. It is summer, so heat and humidity greeted runners for the 6 km or 16 km scamper.


Sounded like the course had a little bit of everything. Some rocks, roots, hills, and views of a lake.

16 km runners start with a 10 km loop followed by a 6 km loop.

6 km runners work their way through the single 6 km loop.


Photo: Copyright John Chung /

16 km

The male race saw Dylan Johnson and Michael Madison average low seven minute miles to separate themselves from the next chasers. After 16 km of inspired running, 15 seconds separated the two with Michael showcasing the extra gojo to win in 1:12:16. Dylan earned a solid second in 1:12:31.

Top 5 male

  1. Michael Madison – 1:12:16
  2. Dylan Johnson – 1:12:31
  3. Waylon Calabrese – 1:15:54
  4. Christopher Whelchel – 1:18:44
  5. Alex Johnson – 1:19:53

A focused Dylan Johnson. (Photo: Copyright John Chung /

Claudia Spooner averaged 8:38 min/miles to create a two-plus minute gap and win the female race in 1:25:37. Jessica Scott was all alone in second place and finished in 1:28:05.

Top 5 female

  1. Claudia Spooner – 1:25:37
  2. Jessica Scott – 1:28:05
  3. Dena Curry – 1:33:08
  4. Julie Fischer – 1:33:53
  5. Beth McDowell – 1:43:46

Claudia Spooner finds energy for a wave while pushing the pace at the front. (Photo: Copyright John Chung /

6 km

Rhonda Baird ran within the pointy-end mix and finished within 22 seconds of winning the entire race! Rhonda crushed it at the front of the female race to win in 22:05. Christa Vanek earned second place in 35:30.

Top 5 female

  1. Rhonda Baird – 22:05
  2. Christa Vanek – 35:50
  3. Karol Curran – 39:10
  4. Lauren Lee – 41:52
  5. Gina Sellers – 42:39

Julie Fischer in cruise mode. (Photo: Copyright John Chung /

Benjamin Palmer, Carl Rindahl (age 15), and Matthew Rindahl (age 13) finished all within 22 seconds of one another. Along with female winner Rhonda Baird attempting to pass all the boys, it had to be a fun final mile as runners pushed as hard as they could without poppin’.

Benjamin was able to be at the front when it mattered – the finish line, and won the male race in 21:43. Carl was able to out-sprint Matthew and Rhonda to claim second in 21:54.

Top 5 male

  1. Benjamin Palmer – 21:43
  2. Carl Rindahl – 21:54
  3. Matthew Rindahl – 22:05
  4. Jackson Sullivan – 27:57
  5. Buddy Albro – 28:03

Emmanuel Tadena (#349) and chaser checking out the trail ahead. (Photo: Copyright John Chung /

Complete results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Rick Johnson and Richard Van Almkerk enjoyed an active morning in the 6 km race at age 65.

Life is play. Play is life.

Race Reports

  • “After the volunteer lady we went down one of the park gravel roads for a bit and then it was back into woods on the other side of the road, starting with a giant rocky, rooty hill to climb.  I told myself “I can run up all of this!” and got about halfway up and my legs screamed at my brain ‘ARE YOU CRAZY?!!!”” by scottydog @ Runner’s World MB
  • Race photos (they are inter-mixed with the triathlon photos) – Check out the big old collection of photos by John Chung of Jake North Photography.

Special thanks to Jake North and John Chung of Jake North Photography for the variety of sweet race photos above.

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