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2011 Western States 100 – TALON Athlete Results

Did you hear? The Western States 100 Trail Run was over the weekend! 🙂

14 TALON athletes participated in the 38th Annual Western States 100 Trail Run. This 100 mile scamper led nearly 400 runners along the Western States trail from Squaw Valley to the track finish in Auburn, California. Our first TALON athlete finished in a spicy 20:47 and our final finisher crossed the line with a well executed 29:57! Great stuff!

(race start. If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Similar to 2010, this year was another snow route year in which the higher elevations had too much snow and dangerous conditions to provide a safe event. The course change started shortly after mile nine and lasted through mile 35 before runners returned to the traditional course.

(Sample of the snow and water crossings in the early miles. Note – some colorful language. If you can’t see the video, click here.)

TALON Athlete Results (unofficial results)

  • Michael Adams (TX) – 20:47 (*51st overall*)
  • Gary Horn (TX) – 26:13
  • Ryan Beard (TX) – 26:58 – Pre-race interview
  • Steven Bernhardt (TX) – 27:27 – Pre-race interview
  • George Peterka (AR) – 27:33
  • Jennifer Evans (TX) – 28:15
  • Sam Landry (LA) – 29:03 – Pre-race interview
  • Pat Shannon (TX) – 29:06
  • John Powers (TX) – 29:22
  • Marla Hendricks (TX) – 29:57 (*Last official finishers!*) – race report
  • Jay Freeman (TX) – DNF, mile 78
  • Adam Watters (NM) – DNF, mile 43.8 – Pre-race interview
  • Roger Squires (NM) – DNF, mile 43.8
  • Henry Bickerstaff (OK) – DNF, mile 31 (*aggravated a hip issue in the early miles of snow and ice) – Pre-race interview

A interesting little observation. Many of the speedy runners in the race negative split the race from the Michigan Bluff  aid station (mile 55.7) by 60-90 minutes. Six of our 10 TALON finishers negative split the run from Michigan Bluff. I am going to say some of our flatlander athletes nailed their race day execution.

TALON Finish %: 71 %

As I said in a Facebook update…Whether one finishes or not, a day on the trails in the mountains is still a pretty darn good day.

Congratulation to all our TALON athletes and all the athletes that started this 100 mile adventure!

Pointy-End Results

Top 5 male (unofficial results)

  1. Kilian Jornet (Spain) – 15:34
  2. Mike Wolfe (MT) – 15:38
  3. Nick Clark (CO) – 15:50
  4. Jez Bragg (Breat Britain) – 15:55
  5. Tsuyoshi Kaburaki (Japan) – 16:04

A couple notable DNFs: Geoff Roes (2010 WS100 winner) mile 55.7, Hal Koerner (2-time WS100 winner) mile 70.7

(Kilian in the final mile. Love the moment with Geoff at the end. Tells you what a cool dude Geoff is as well. If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Top 5 female (unofficial results)

  1. Ellie Greenwood (Canada) – 17:55
  2. Kami Semeck (OR) – 18:17
  3. Nicki Kimball (MT) – 18:17
  4. Tracy Garneau (Canada) – 18:22
  5. Rory Bosio (CA) – 18:37

Webcast unofficial results

For more front-end race coverage highlights and interviews, check out iRunFar (post-race roundup, Kilian Jornet post-race interview, Ellie Greenwood post-race interview) .

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