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2011 Western States 100 – Our New Mexico Trail Runners

New Mexico State Flag - Red symbol is called Zia

Out of the 16 TALON trail runners registered for this weekend’s Western States 100, Adam Watters and Roger Squires will represent the state of New Mexico.

Adam first attempted the Squaw Valley to Auburn journey back in 2007 and just missed the Rucky Chuck cut-off at mile 78. Back for another crack at this course, Adam shares a bit about himself and the upcoming adventure with the Endurance Buzz community.

Adam Watters #387

[EB] What is your running background and how long have you been playing in the world of trail/ultra running?

I have been running since 1999 and have ran many 5k, 10K, half marathons, Marathons, Duathlons, Triathlons, amd Xterra. I started my journey/Adventures in Trail/Ultra runs in 2006.

[EB] You ran the Jemez 50 km in May and knocked off over an hour from your 2010 time. Improved fitness? Improved race day execution? How did this year’s race play out for you?

I had an extraordinary day the whole day and felt very strong. As an athlete we have good day and bad days. Karl Meltzer has coached me for the last two years. The difference for this year is that I talked him into letting me run twice a day. Higher mileage works for my body and know I need to have it if I want to be strong.

[EB] How is the body and mind feeling one week out from the Western States 100?

Actually three weeks before any race I go into a zone during my training run; I go through the course in my mind, go through the aid stations, and the weather. I am racing less and training more high mileage to finish Western States. I will also be running Hardrock 12 days after Western States so I am trying to stay focused and not think a lot about Hardrock unfortunately it is still in the back of my mind.

[EB] What did a typical training week look like during your peak training? (weekly mileage, longest run, any back-to-back long runs?, weights/core, etc)

I train very hard in preparation of a race. Weekly mileage ranges from 95-110 miles a week. Longest run 20 miles. Back-to-back usually 20 miles back to back.  I used Jemez as one of my long runs (33 miles) and have been doing core work since last year and hope this will pay off for Western States. Living in New Mexico, I am very fortunate to be able to run in La Luz/Sandia Mountains that is about 10,000 feet elevation.

[EB] Compared to most of the TALON region, New Mexico actually has some significant mountains where you could truly train extended downhill running. Did you also include any Western States specific weight workouts?

I focused on lots of downhill and shorter climbs. Hopefully this will pay off.

[EB] During the course of 100 miles the stomach can develop its own personality and require some adaption to make it happy. With that being said, what is your start-line fueling strategy? Sports nutrition? Regular Food such as bananas, etc.? Combination?

My start-line fueling strategy is one gel every 25 minutes, along with salt tablets every hour. I carry two bottles; one with EFS and the other with straight water. Drinking EFS all the time can get old. Watermelon helps a lot during the hot races. I stay away from solid foods. When night falls I sip on a lot of broth.

[EB] Besides the finish, what specific section of the course are you most looking forward to running or experiencing?

I look forward to running to Forresthill (mile 62), picking up my pacer to push me to run a little faster and experiencing the run through Rucky Chuck (mile 78).

[EB] Fun bonus question: Which animal best characterizes that way you plan on running Western States?

Photo: Courtesy Onwuma @

A wolf/coyote, the reason being is all my years in running in California/New Mexico I always run into a wolf’s or coyote’s and they do not bother me at all, but almost see them more of guiding and let me know to dream free and run for myself.

Roger Squires #356

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in contact with Roger.

Best of luck to Adam and Roger in their upcoming weekend adventure!

Special thanks to Adam for sharing with us and to the Endurance Buzz community for submitting athlete questions.

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