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New TALON 100 Miler – The Cajun Coyote Adds More Louisiana Spice

Yep, it’s official. A new 100 miler had been added in the TALON region!

This helluva long way event is put on by the wacky, adventure lovin’ crew of the Cajun Coyote and takes place on the lightly rolling single-track trails around Lake Chicot at Chicot State Park in Ville Platte, Louisiana.

Lake Chicot (Photo: Courtesy Cajun Byrd @

Besides the 100 mile solo, the adventure also includes a 100 mile relay option for those wanting to enjoy the miles as a team.

Basic details:

  • Date: December 3, 2011
  • 20 mile loop x 5
  • 30 hour cutoff
  • Enjoy!

The 100 km, and 20 mile options are still available similar to last year for those that like the metric system or want to start the party early.

A brief chat with Mr. CajunDip, Chris Scott, brought to light a rumor of the night course assistance that may be used in gator country.

“Maybe we’ll put some plastic blow-up gators out there with LEDs attached to ’em, just to help folks distinguish water from muck from soft trail… or not!”.

If this conversation and the website is an indication, anything is possible with this crew but one thing seems certain – a fun and adventure filled day.

Be sure to check out Cajun Coyote for more details.

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