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Hell’s Hills Trail Run Forge Trail Series #3 – 2011 Results

As the year rolls into summer, we are due for another fun, Louisiana Forge Trail Series adventure. Last weekend, the Hell’s Hills Trail Run (race #3 of the series) took place at the endurance sports playground, Lincoln Parish Park in Ruston, Louisiana.

What were conditions like? Co-Race Director Jeffrey Beck shared, “The name Hell’s Hills lived up to its name with the temperatures reaching 101 degrees at race time and the “hills”, which might as well be referred to as dirt walls.”

Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

10 km-ish of sweaty, scenic trail running goodness waited for the 40+ runners.

After working every muscle and cleansing every pore of the body for the last six-plus miles, Beck mentioned one of the most prized amenities may have been the short walk to the white sandy beach of the park’s fresh water lake.

When one of the most common phrase heard post-race by co-RDs Denver Benton and Jeffrey Beck is “I hate you, but I love you.”, they knew it was a good day.


Lincoln Parish park is home to many endurance events (XTERRA, mountain biking, running) throughout the year so the trails have a little bit of everything this part of the region has to offer, including some fun hills which may not be expected in Louisiana.

Nice little quad-working downhill. (Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

More insight from Mr. Beck – “The Hell’s Hills course terrain was a combination of single-track trails, studded with roots, large rocks, creek crossings, wildly technical descents, switch back climbs, nearly vertical climbs, which some required racers to nearly crawl up or utilize nearby saplings for a mechanical advantage.”


Time to get our dirty sweat on! (Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

10 km-ish

Sean Fitzwilliam and Adam Hoogewind were the only athletes gliding through the varied terrain with a sub six minute average. Sean finished first in race #2 of the series while Adam finished fourth. Game on!

Five vomit-comet seconds separated the two at the finish with Sean having the extra kick to win the male race in 36:17.

Top 5 male

  1. Sean Fitzwilliam – 36:17
  2. Adam Hoogewind – 36:22
  3. Seth Hall – 37:16
  4. William Rogers – 38:56
  5. Nathan Hall – 40:33

Adam Hoogewind (leading) and Sean Fitzwilliam pushing the pace. (Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

Sean is also the current series leader by two points with Matthew Manning in second…with one to go!

Many new faces in this series were seen at the front of the female race. Current series leader and 2010 series winner, Sarah Skotty, didn’t play at this one. The door was open for a new female winner in this year’s series.

Newcomer to the 2011 series, Kimberly Adkins, averaged a 9:41 min/mile pace to win the female race in 1:00:02. A couple minutes later, Sarah Crawford cruised through the finish line to claim second in 1:02:07.

Top 5 female

  1. Kimberly Adkins – 1:00:02
  2. Sarah Crawford – 1:02:07
  3. Stephanie Donovan – 1:02:51
  4. Kristin Pevoto – 1:07:46
  5. Diana Wade – 1:08:13

Sarah Crawford (#48) enjoying the miles with a smile. (Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

Sarah Skotty still maintains the overall series lead with Catherine Clodfelter in second.

Overall race results

Overall series standings

Race Reports and other Groovy Media

  • “The trail was like a roller coaster with lots of quick up and downs and hairpin turns, before breaking out of the woods at mile three for a long downhill…. I was sucking wind already, and I knew the next mile was going to be the toughest one of the entire race. Sure enough, it was.” by Brenton @ Claim Your Journey
  • Few more photos @ Claim your Journey.

Video of one racer workin’ a climb.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

If you have an experience or thought to share from the event, please feel free to include in the comment link below.

Post-race recovery! (Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

Special thanks to Forge Racing for the sweet photos.

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