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Collective Inspiration – Unbreakable: The Western States 100

Likely most every trail runner has checked out the sweet Journeyfilm trailer of the film Unbreakable: The Western States 100 (Fall release), that followed four of the top pre-race male favorites going into the 2010 Western States 100. The athletes include Hal Koerner, Geoff Roes, Anton Krupicka, and Kilian Jornet.

If you haven’t seen it or would like an additional bam! of weekend inspiration, enjoy!

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

After watching this I couldn’t help but think of the beauty of competition in this little niche sport of trail running.

The art.

The poetry.

The music…at least in my head. 😉

You can see, feel, and hear it all.

The race at the front can often be a quiet place. Last year’s WS100 and this film (or at least the trailer) highlights a glimpse of the elevated performance that can be expressed and shared when a group of pointy-end trail runners are provided an opportunity to compete…together. And maybe a more accurate description instead of compete, is collectively inspire.

Here is an interview with 2010 Western States winner Geoff Roes as he recalls his low-point in the race, regrouping, and then accessing previously unknown internal resources (“predator mentality”) to catch and pass Jornet and Krupicka in the later stages of the race.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Is this an example of the potential of collective inspiration? I think so! Geoff accessed a part of himself he didn’t even know existed since the guy runs alone at the front of most races he is in.

Of course trails runners, regardless of foot speed, have various opportunities to swim in the sea of collective inspiration. The extra fast feet seem to have less opportunities to get their toes wet than most of us.

As the sport gradually matures,  I am hopeful to see more opportunities (as Geoff and others are attempting with UROC), organization, and support, to bring these male and female running machines together to collectively inspire one another. And, heck, it would be fun to watch and follow! 🙂

Maybe this is one of the unannounced potential benefits for all of us as we receive our endorphin buzz from our weekend running group, running club, or upcoming race – The opportunity to access and observe parts of self we never have before. The opportunity to see and experience more of who we truly are.

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

About the author

David Hanenburg David Hanenburg is the passionate dirt-lovin' creator of Endurance Buzz and has been playing in the endurance sports world since 2000 after knockin' the dust off of his Trek 950 hardtail thanks to a friend asking to go ride some local dirt. In 2007 he ran his first ultra on the trails and fell in love with the sport and its people. For more information on David's endurance sports journey, check out the About page.

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