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XTERRA Waco Trail Run – 2011 Results

Last weekend, XTERRA rolled into central Texas for the XTERRA Waco Trail Run. Snuggled up to the Brazos River, Cameron Park was the adventure grounds where over 215 athletes played within the scenic and challenging park.

Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

Three race distances provided an option for everyone – 20 km, 10 km, and 5 km. The 20 km of dirty fun was also the XTERRA South Central Championship.


Cameron Park offers some scenic single track trail that includes fun twists, turns, and moderate climbs and descents.

A couple unique features of the course includes…

the leg burning Jacob’s Ladder

144 steps going...up! (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

the sweet bamboo section

A glimpse of the bamboo. (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

The main loop is a clockwise 10 km with the 20 km runners making it a double shot!

Course Map


Let the fun begin! (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

20 km

In the male race…

“Dripping Springs (TX) High School track star Dylan Johnson, 17, passed Dallas’ Tyler Johnson (no relation) on a tight, twisty downhill section of singletrack at about mile nine and never looked back in winning the XTERRA Waco 20km Trail race at Cameron Park in Waco, TX this morning.” – XTERRA Race Report

Dylan’s 6:58 min/mile average pace eventually created 54 seconds of separation at the finish line. Dylan won the male in 1:28:53.

Top 5 male

  1. Dylan Johnson – 1:28:53
  2. Tyler Johnson – 1:29:47
  3. Chris Chancey – 1:32:12
  4. David Dillard – 1:34:10
  5. Todd Copeland – 1:34:40

Dylan Johnson (2nd position) working with the chase group. (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

In the women’s race Baylor University graduate Ashley Johnson (wife of men’s runner-up Tyler Johnson) from Dallas out-ran last year’s winner Claudia Spooner from Austin by more than four minutes with a winning time of 1:37:29.” – XTERRA Race Report

Ashley’s 7:38 average pace also placed her 9th overall.

Top 5 female

  1. Ashley Johnson – 1:37:29 – (*9th overall*)
  2. Claudia Spooner – 1:41:47
  3. Alicia Noel – 1:42:42
  4. Bethany Mooney – 1:58:39
  5. Megan Norwood – 1:59:50

Ashley Johnson pushing the flats near mile six. (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

Complete 20 km results

10 km

“In the women’s 10k race a trio of Baylor University cross country runners – Cate Westenhover, Samantha Patty, and Katie Shaw, ran side-by-side the entire race and crossed the finish line together with identical times of 52:17, however, the win was awarded to Westenhover.” – XTERRA Race Report

This trio was also less than a minute from winning the overall! They averaged 7:48 min/mile for the course.

Top 5 female

  1. Cate Westenhover – 52:17 (*2nd overall*)
  2. Sam Patty – 52:18 (*tied 3rd overall*)
  3. Katie Shaw – 52:18 (*tied 3rd overall*)
  4. Spring Renfro – 1:00:50
  5. Susanne Klawetter – 1:03:30

The Baylor cross country trio! (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

“In the 10km [men’s] event Midway High School runner Caleb Riehl from Waco took the overall title in 51:30, more than two minutes ahead of runner-up Richard Hansard.” – XTERRA Race Report

Caleb averaged a 7:41 min/mile pace for the win.

Top 5 male

  1. Caleb Riehl – 51:30
  2. Richard Hansard – 53:40
  3. Barry Ortner – 53:47
  4. Armand Sanchez – 55:17
  5. Jason Lewis – 55:52

Celeb Riehl working with the Baylor trio. (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

Complete 10 km results

5 km

Zach Eshelman from Vail, Arizona was in the Lonestar State and dashed off sub 6-minute miles to firmly win the male race in 16:05. Local runner, Billy Collins, finished alone in second with a finish time of 17:18.

Top 5 male

  1. Zach Eshelman – 16:05
  2. Billy Collins – 17:18
  3. Gaspar Terrazas 17:47
  4. Cooper Cobbs – 18:15
  5. Walker Cobbs – 19:07

Jason Holloway considers taking it to the sky. (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

Sarah Ginsbach was alone at the front of the female race and ran an 8:08 average pace to win in 22:23. Courtney Foley and Christie Fornelius dashed through the finish line together with Courtney leading by a stride to earn second place in 23:29.

Top 5 female

  1. Sarah Ginsbach – 22:23
  2. Courtney Foley – 23:29
  3. Christie Fornelius – 23:30
  4. Lisa Larson – 23:54
  5. Brenda Martinez – 23:55

Wendy Richard cruising along the beautiful trail. (Photo: Courtesy XTERRA /

Complete 5 km results

Inspiration Point

Check out the wisest finisher. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Ned Powell celebrated the 10 km adventure in the 70-74 age group.

There were also a large number of youth playing on the trails. Love it!

Life is play. Play is life.

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Special thanks to XTERRA for use of the race photos you see above.

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