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Rouge Orleans 126.2 – 2011 Results

On March 4-6, the Forge Racing team put together an epic point-to-point adventure that started from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and finished in Audubon Park in New Orleans, Louisiana. This 126.2 mile adventure on the levee next to the Mississippi River is called Rouge Orleans.

You could take on this adventure solo or as a team (two, three, or 6 person). There were 16 courageous solo athletes and over 50 teams. The run included a wave start in hopes of all athletes finishing close to the same time. If you and your team didn’t get it done by 1 PM on Sunday…well…you were fed to the alligators.

It wasn’t only miles that athletes had to manage, runners encountered some crazy wind, rain, lightning, stray dogs, and truck-sized cows. Add this to the continual movement of gigantic international ships and barges, and beautiful plantation homes, you experienced a rainbow of Louisiana life within the 15-42 hours it took for all to finish.


I would show you the profile of the course but instead I will challenge your creative mind and have you imagine a…126.2 mile straight line with an average downhill grade of .0075%. I think you get the general idea. 🙂

Let's Run! (Courtesy Jeffrey Beck /

Nearly the entire run is on the traffic-free levee along the Mississippi River. This also mean a fairly soft dirt and gravel path for which your feet will dance upon…and maybe a bit of crying in the final miles.


Start of each wave - Canon shot from USS Kidd! (Courtesy Jeffrey Beck /

Getting ready for a wave start. (Courtesy Jeffrey Beck /


Multi-sport athlete Dave Carver, placed second at the Iron Horse 100 mile (18:18:46) in mid February. Less than one month later Dave still had enough go-jo to average a 12:03 min/mile pace and win the male solo race in 25:20:20.

Second place was earned by experienced ultra runner Claude Hicks Jr.. Prior the the Rouge Orleans event, Claude filled February with a sub-24 at Rocky Raccoon 100 mile (23:44:53) and fifth place male at the locally challenging Cross Timbers 50 mile (11:19:52). Claude average a 13:15 min/mile pace on the flat Louisiana terrain and finished second in 27:52:27.

Top 5 male

  1. Dave Carver (ON) – 25:20:20
  2. Claude Hicks Jr. (TX) – 27:52:27
  3. Shiran Kochavi (NJ) – 28:45:18
  4. Bill Ford (OK) – 33:37:17
  5. Mike Krejci (TX) – 34:26:59

Let's just say that is not your typical carbohydrate drink for runners. (Courtesy Jeffrey Beck /

Isabella De La Houssaye (couldn’t find info that I felt confident was hers) ran a 14:02 average min/mile pace for the 126.2 mile adventure and won the female race in 29:30:00 and claimed fourth overall. Regional athlete, Kathy Hoover ran a sub 24 finished at Rocky Raccoon 100 (23:51:40) in February, and averaged a 15:59 min/mile pace on the Louisiana levee to earn second place in 33:37:17.

All 5 female

  1. Isabella De La Houssaye (NJ) – 29:30:00
  2. Kathy Hoover (OK) – 33:37:17
  3. Alissa Draper (??) – 36:00:03
  4. Melynda Hamilton (CO) – 39:04:41
  5. Louise Mason (IL) – 41:57:53

Runners getting it done through the night-time hours. (Courtesy Jeffrey Beck /

Complete Solo results


There was a variety of 2, 3, and 6 person teams in the relay division. I will simply highlight the fast team time from each division.

Team Don’t Die successfully held up to their name and also were the fastest two person team in the race. Teammates Matt Digby and John Cothern averaged a 12:26 min/mile pace and finished in 26:08:13.

Keepin' it real! (Courtesy Jeffrey Beck /

The Might Mississippi Descent averaged an extremely steady 8:01 min/mile across the entire 126.2 miles and were the fastest three person team. Team members included Brian Novak, A-D Marshall, and Benoit Bordelon.

Six members…7:10 min/mile average pace…MAPP’n 2Nawlins…fastest! Team MAPP’n 2 Nawlins cranked out some significant turnover and delivered the fastest six person team finish to Audubon Park.

After 126.2 miles, you start to look like one another. (Courtesy Jeffrey Beck /

Complete Relay results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Frederick Davis III journeyed the 126.2 miles in the Solo division at age 63.

Life is play. Play is life.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipient:

  • Louise Mason kept moving step…by…step and reached the finish line in 41:57:53.

The buckle! (Courtesy Jeffrey Beck /

Race Reports and Groovy Photos

  • “Move down the trail about 3 more miles. We came to a community of shanty-like houses, and a man in an SUV hollered out to us, “What, are you guys training for a marathon?” (Bwahahahahaha!!!!) I popped back, “yup, we’re doing a little 100 mile training run and then we’re gonna do a marathon.” No response at all. My humor was wasted.” by TZ @ …miles to go before I sleep…
  • “Our team was made up of six members – two of whom had never done anything longer than a 10K and none of whom had ever completed an Ultra Relay.  We each brought varying degrees of talent and preparation, from the Ironman veteran who did the race despite the fact that it would mean scaling back her mileage for the weekend to the youthful athlete who decided to prepare by completing only a few random 1.5 mile intervals in the preceding weeks.” by Scott @ Enjoy the Ride (also includes a cool video!)
  • PhotoReflect – A collection of professional finish line photos.

If you have any experiences or thoughts from the event, feel free to share in the comment link below!

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Special thanks to Jeffrey Beck and Denver Benton of Rouge Orleans for the collection of pics!

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