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Eco Lonestar Trail Run – 2011 Results

Last weekend, the first Annual Eco Lonestar Trail Run took place at Reveille Peak Ranch located in the Hill Country town of Burnet, a short drive northwest of Austin, Texas.

The 5 km and 15 km adventure is also part of the 2011 Trail Runner Trophy Series.

Over 50 trail runners participated in one of the two distances.


The trail is described to include gorgeous granite rock outcroppings, challenging hilly terrain, and beautiful views.

The pics from the ranches website can give a bit of an idea of the type of terrain.

Also here is a short video from a section of the trail. (This may or may not be part of the race but I thought it was kind of cool.)

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)


15 km

Nathan Winkelmann and Daniel Duryea cranked out sub 7 minute miles on the challenging course and finished within an oxygen depleting two seconds from each other. Nathan was able to out-kick Daniel at the finish and win the male race in 1:02:39.

Top 5 male

  1. Nathan Winkelmann – 1:02:39
  2. Daniel Duryea – 1:02:41
  3. Jimmy Boyle – 1:09:22
  4. Wesley Adams – 1:09:58
  5. William Mallin – 1:10:30

Daniel Duryea (front) with Nathan Winkelmann chasing. (Copyright bobcat13 Photography, llc /

The female race also had a bit of heat as Dena Curry and Lesa Zimmerman were separated by a little over two minutes after 15 km of trail running. Dena’s sub 8 minute mile pace allowed her to hold onto the win with a time of 1:14:03. Lesa finished a strong second in 1:16:25.

Top 5 female

  1. Dena Curry – 1:14:03
  2. Lesa Zimmerman – 1:16:25
  3. Nancy Marks – 1:30:35
  4. Diane Robinson – 1:31:28
  5. Elena Perales – 1:33:13

5 km

The top four women were all within 66 seconds of each other at the 5 km finish line. It had to be an intense final mile.

Jennifer Rogers ran a 7:26 average pace which allowed her to create 33 seconds of separation from the next chaser, Emily Mowatt. Jennifer won with a time of 23:06. Emily held onto second place by eight seconds with a time of 23:39.

Top 5 female

  1. Jennifer Rogers – 23:06
  2. Emily Mowatt – 23:39
  3. Anna Roach – 23:47
  4. Reba Becker – 24:12
  5. Madeleine Montgomery – 26:35

Jennifer Rogers pushing the pace. (Copyright bobcat13 Photography, llc /

Barry Ortner flew through the 5 km course with a sub 6 minute pace (5:58) to win the male race with a speedy 18:35 finish time. Colton Roach’s 20:18 (6:32 pace) earned a second place finish.

Top 5 male

  1. Barry Ortner – 18:35
  2. Colton Roach – 20:18
  3. Asa Ortiz – 22:30
  4. Ryan Safford – 23:04
  5. Alex Defily – 23:40

Complete Results

Race Reports and Mug Shots

  • Couldn’t find any race reports. 🙁
  • A great number of pics can be checked out at Bobcat13 Photography.

Garmin Data Request

If you have Garmin data for the 15 km adventure and would be willing to share a copy of it with me, please let me know through my contact page. Danke!

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Special thanks to bobcat13 Photography for the included photos!

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