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Nathan Sprint Water Bottle – Trail Running Gear Review

I recently purchased the BPA-free Nathan Sprint handheld water bottle and put it to a serious first test at the Cross Timbers trail half marathon over the weekend. This compact hydration carrier got a bit dirty due to climbing up the rock staircases on all fours, but it completed this adventure unscathed and ready for more.

Glamour Shot

I thought I would give a breakdown of the bottle and some of my key observations during its initial 13.5 mile adventure test over the weekend.

Unique Features of the Bottle

Check out some of the most dominating features.

Mini-me Size but Big Mouth

Most handheld water bottles hold 20-ish ounces of fluid but the Nathan Sprint holds 10 ounces. It is small-er and more compact than your typical bottle.

Just slightly bigger than my hand.

For a small bottle, it sure has a big mouth…and that is a good thing. This makes it very easy to fill, refill, and clean.

Buckle Up…Comfortably!

An adjustable velcro strapping system locks that hand snuggly against the bottle. My wife also snugged up the bottle and it felt great for tiny hands as well.

Strap slides through loop and attaches to the velcro shown.

One added comfort bonus is the felt-like material that covers the outer edges of the strap. They provide a very cozy fit when snugged up against your skin. Ahhh!

One Way Flow – Open Up!

The Race Cap contains a small rubber membrane that allows water to gush out when the bottle is squeezed.

The under-belly of the Sport Cap. Membrane visible.

Adventure Test Results

So how did it handle the 13.5 miles of trail racing bliss?

The Nathan Sprint water bottle fit extremely comfortably in my hand and due to its smaller capacity, felt very close to hands-free running (when full).

When squeezing the bottle, the fluid comes out like a rocket with a fair amount of flow rate. One moderate squeeze and I enjoyed a significant amount of hydration goodness.

Refilling was quick and painless.

Early miles with Nathan Sprint. You can barely see the darn thing.

I did have a problem with losing a bit of water a couple times. If I would put a little too much squeeze pressure on the bottle when running (especially with full bottle when not trying to drink), I created a couple unrequested water rockets.

I remedied this by resting my thumb over top of the spout which likely reduced the hand pressure. Maybe a membrane that required a bit more force before opening (allowing water flow) could further reduce this potential issue.

Overall, I felt the Nathan Sprint worked great for this shorter race situation where I wanted a small amount of water easily available but didn’t want to feel like I was carrying any.

I also know this handheld will be a great companion for shorter training runs or even various road events where I could be cup-free which I think would be pretty cool.

Who Would Most Likey?

You would likely dig the Nathan Sprint if you are looking for the following core handheld characteristics:

  • Small – Are looking for a smaller handheld (10 ounce) that has a nearly hands-free feel.
  • Secure – Like a simple, comfortable, and secure strapping system.
  • Minimalistic – Don’t require storage space with the handheld.

You can purchase the Nathan Sprint water bottle at Running Warehouse (Shoes, Packs, Clothes, Lights, and more…plus 2-day free shipping!).

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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