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Piney Woods Trail Run – 2011 Results

Last weekend the Piney Woods Trail Run took place at the Lake Houston Wilderness park, located 30 minutes north of downtown Houston, Texas. Over 160 runners enjoyed the 10 mile or 5 km trail adventure that included cool morning temps and a few places to get muddy if you so desired.

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Wolfe of


All runners enjoy the same mostly flat single-track loop within the park’s shady pine forest. The 5 km runners will branch off from the main loop to create an appropriate smaller loop. If you miss the turn, bonus miles!


Race start! Photo: Courtesy of Megan Blood of

10 mile

A peppy sub 7 min pace put Ryan Swartz at the front of the male race. Ryan crossed the finish line in 1:06:30. Just over six minutes later, Allyn West and Joe Barone pushed through to the finish with Allyn claiming second place.

Top 5 male (chip time)

  1. Ryan Swartz – 1:06:30
  2. Allyn West – 1:12:37
  3. Joe Barone – 1:12:42
  4. Mike Robertson – 1:13:12
  5. John-Marco Turegano – 1:14:36

Ryan Swartz crossing the finish. Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Wolfe of

Suzanne Borrett hung out in the top 10 overall to win the female race with a 7:37 pace and time of 1:16:05. One second per mile differentiated Kelly Ramey and Emily Lavoy in the chase for second. Emily was able to squeeze out the extra bit of speed to finish second in 1:21:58.

Top 5 famale (chip time)

  1. Suzanne Borrett – 1:16:05 (*7th overall*)
  2. Emily Lavoy – 1:21:58
  3. Kelly Ramey – 1:22:07
  4. Michelle Chang – 1:22:54
  5. Dianne Garban – 1:26:17

Suzanne Borrett pushing the pace. Photo: Courtesy of Megan Blood of

Complete results

5 km

Megan Blood’s 24:59 was strong enough for the female win and a fourth overall finish. Gabrielle Forames crossed the finish second with a 8:14 min/mile pace and time of 25:34.

Top 5 female (chip time)

  1. Megan Blood – 24:59 (*4th overall*)
  2. Gabrielle Forames – 25:34
  3. Kimberly Lazarus – 30:06
  4. Mary Caronado – 30:08
  5. Lisa Rodger – 30:33

Megan Blood in the early miles. Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Wolfe of

The male race was spicy at the front as Scott Messenger and Jeffrey Hunt inspired each other to the finish. Scott was able to finish just in front of Jeffrey as they sprinted down the finish chute.

One interesting note, Jeffrey actually ran a faster chip time (started a couple seconds behind Scott) but the top finisher appeared to be based off of gun time.

Top 5 male (chip time unless where noted)

  1. Scott Messenger – 24:25.4 (*gun time*) (chip time: 24:23)
  2. Jeffrey Hunt – 24:25.9 (*gun time*) (chip time: 24:21)
  3. Andrew Harville – 24:48
  4. Shawn Morgan – 25:06
  5. Joshua Arrington – 25:34

Jeffrey Hunt finding his groove at the start. Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Wolfe of

Complete results

Race Reports and Pics

  • “I ended up falling twice and twisting my ankle on a hidden root twice.  I know this will sound strange, but the falling… it was the first time since I found out I was pregnant over a year ago that I fell without having to freak out about it.  It was almost liberating.  And strange.  But in a good way.” by Amber @ 796.42092
  • Andrew Wolfe Photography – Hundreds of photos from the event.

If you have an experience you would like to share from the event, feel free to use the comment link below.

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Special thanks to Andrew Wolfe and Megan Blood of Andrew Wolfe Photography for the collection of race photos.

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