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Over the weekend, I went to a 2-ish hour running clinic at Frisco Crossfit where Patton Gleason of the Natural Running Store led an interactive session for those looking to transition-to or refine the midfoot-ish strike. The beauty of Patton’s sharing style is that he likes to keep it simple and keep it fun.

A group of 30-ish worked-it in an empty parking lot behind the building and looked like an unsynchronized high-school marching band as we performed various drills. I am sure more than a few that drove by took a double-take.

At the end of the class, Patton also did a little video recording so we could see what we looked like running. Nothing like video to see what you really look like, not just what you think you look like.

Well, I looked like…

…a prancing horse. Although not nearly this good.

What were some of the simple, thought provoking, and fun insights learned from the class?

Patton created this entertaining video that provides the essence of the class – the balance and lean.

Check it out.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

[Additional bonus insights after the post initially went live.]

A few more concepts that have continued to swirl in my head.

  • No wing flappin! – In general, keep those arms tucked near the trunk of the body, moving along your line of travel.
  • We are connected baby! – What happens in one part of your body can influence a seemingly remote area of the body. Great example (by Patton): Squeeze your hand as hard as you can. (I will wait.) Notice this seemingly localized tension creates a tight forearm, which leads to a tight bicep, which leads to a tight shoulder, which can lead to a tight back, which can lead to a tight _______, etc, etc.
  • Breathe out! –  We were talking about various breathing patterns (2/2, 2/3, 3/3, etc) but I think the most critical aspect of it all is to put some conscious effort in removing the Carbon Dioxide – the exhale. In order to create more room for the good (oxgen rich air), we need to create the space and remove as much of the bad (Carbon Dioxide) as we can. A breathing pattern will help in this process. Sounds like a life lesson as well. 😉

Good stuff! Now if I could only stop neighing like a horse.

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

(Photo: courtesy of Thowra_uk)

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