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Rocky Raccoon 100 Trail Run – 2011 Results Preview

Huntsville, Texas was ready for an epic weekend and it delivered! Local, national, and international runners toed the line on what turned out to be near perfect conditions as long as you missed a few icy patches during the early hours.

Love this pic! The big running guns at the start. Notice Jurek taking a peak over and Krupicka getting into zen mode. Awesome! Photo courtesy of Deborah Sexton.

Here is a quick preview on what happened at the pointy-end of the extremely fast 100 mile foot race.

Note: All numbers are based off of the unofficial webcast data.

the boys

First, my favorite tweet prior to the race by Hal Koerner. I had to chuckle.

“20 degrees in S. Texas for the start of #RR100. This is for the birds!”

Now for the race…

California athlete, Ian Sharman, was in second place after the first loop and moved to the front by mile 40 and never looked back. Ian averaged 7:38 min/mile for the 100 mile distance to win in 12:44:33 (unofficial results)! Wrap your head around that for a minute…I will wait…. 🙂

Ian Sharman flying along the course. Do I see wings? 🙂 Photo courtesy of Josh Baker and

Ian’s pace set a new course record by 32-ish minutes.

Top 5 males (unofficial results)

  1. Ian Sharman (CA) – 12:44:33
  2. Anton Krupicka (CO) – 13:18:52 (*3 minutes over previous CR*)
  3. Hal Koerner (OR) – 13:26:19
  4. Karl Meltzer (UT) – 14:27:20
  5. Brad Reed (MA) – 15:58:38

Top male TALON finisher

Remember those two male TALON athletes I talked about in the brief race preview?

Mr. Diesel, Ryan Loehding, finished as the top TALON runner in the male race with his 15th overall placing and finish time of 18:09:55. If you have ever seen Ryan run, you will understand the nickname reference.

Mr. Diesel, Ryan Loehding at the start. Photo courtesy of Deborah Sexton.

the girls

Texas energizer bunny, Liza Howard, defended her 2010 win and flew through the finish line in 15:33:09 (9:20 pace). This was 13 minutes faster than her ’10 time and is the second fastest time on this course to date.  The closest chasers quickly drifted back or ended up dropping so it was simply Liza against Liza for 100 miles.

A fun moment shared by Liza in her race report preview concerning a memorable moment in the early miles of the race.

“So there I was clipping along, feeling happy. I wasn’t sure how fast we were running because it was dark and I knew I’d take a huge bellyflop if I took my eyes off the trail to take a look at my Garmin. I started to feel like I’d like to stretch my legs out a bit more, so I scootched around a few of the guys — and found myself 5 feet behind Scott Jurek and Anton Krupicka. Holy Sh***!!! I promptly slowed down and let them vanish from sight. Oops.”

Liza Howard post race (enjoying that chair) with RD, Joe Prusaitis. Photo courtesy of Dave Carder @

To add to your thought mix, this effort was done a short handful of weeks after the highly competitive Bandera 100 km that Liza also won. Obviously she can recover quickly and she keeps going…and going.

Top 5 female (unnofficial results)

  1. Liza Howard (TX) – 15:33:09
  2. Brenda Carawan (no location listed) – 22:36:31
  3. Terri Pfeil (CO) – 23:16:09
  4. Lisa DeYoung (NC) – 23:32:23
  5. Julie Grant (TX) – 23:34:14

iRunFar also put together a good summary of the race flow at the pointy-end. Be sure to check it out.

Complete Results Summary Coming Soon

A complete 100 and 50 mile results summary will be coming as the official results are released. Official results will be posted at

Regardless of results, special personal and communal experiences were engaged in this weekend. That is a guarantee!

Special thanks to Deborah Sexton, Dave Carder (, and Josh Baker ( for the various photos.

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