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Run Like The Wind 24 Hour – 2010 Results

On December 4th, the Run Like The Wind running event took place on the ground of The Canine Center for Training and Behavior in Austin, Texas. The run benefits the Schrodi Memorial Training Fund which helps dog owners that can’t afford high quality reward-based training when having trouble with their four legged friend. Thus reducing the number of dogs dropped off at local shelters. Woof!

The run is primarily a timed event (3/6/12/24 hour) but also includes a 5 km where you can actually run with your favorite pooch as well. The puppy run completes prior to the 3-24 hour adventures.

Nearly 50 puppy lovers and running crazies participated in the loopy fun.

A big thanks to Deborah Sexton for the pics.


This is where life and running gets real simple. The course is a 1 km loop on a soft, flat, and mulchy surfaced trail completely canopied by trees. There are a few included roots to keep it interesting during the nighttime hours!

The course!


5 km

Those that ran with their Chihuahua were likely at a bit of a disadvantage versus those leashed with the ready to run black lab.

Jarod Onthank led all runners and finished the 5 loops in 24:11. Jenny Ahearn crossed the finish 46 seconds later as the top female finisher and second overall.

Top 3 male

  1. Jarod Onthank – 24:11
  2. Philip Richards – 24:58
  3. Mark Freeman – 25:22

Deborah Sexton and RD, Sammy Voltaggio

Top 3 female

  1. Jenny Ahearn – 24:57
  2. Rob Cook – 27:05
  3. Breanna Clifton – 30:43

Complete 5 km results

3 hour

Vicki Chazan was the only female in the three person event and finished with 8.06 miles and called it a day after two hours. Mark Lindsey led all athletes with 19.84 miles after three hours of running.

All 3 finishers

  1. Mark Lindsey (M) – 19.84 miles
  2. Jonathan Gifford (M) – 13.64 miles
  3. Vicki Chazan (F) – 8.08 miles

Debi Evans in the 24 hour adventure

Complete 3 hour results

6 hour

Caleb Marcinkovich stopped running with 17 minutes left to go in the male race. This allowed Diana Heynen to win the overall but Celeb held onto the male win by less than one mile, for a total of 32.86 miles.

Top 3 male

  1. Caleb Marcinkovich – 32.24 miles
  2. David Johnson – 31.62 miles
  3. Kyle McQuire – 31 miles

Jeff Linwood and David Johnson

Diana Heynen won the overall within the last 15 minutes of the event. Diana accumulated an ultra 32.86 miles.

Top 3 female

  1. Diana Heynen – 32.86 miles (*overall win*)
  2. JoAnna Brand – 27.9 miles
  3. Angela Tortorice – 26.66 miles

Complete 6 hour results

12 hour

Shannon Mitchel completed 66 laps to win the female race with 40.92 miles.

All two females

  1. Shannon Mitchel – 40.92 miles
  2. Iva Paleckova – 13.02 miles (*stopped after 3 hours*)

12 Hour winner - Brian Hill

Brian Hill looped it up ohhhh…105 times to win the male race with a journey of over 100 kms.

Top 3 male

  1. Brian Hill – 65.1 miles
  2. Austin Barbisch – 59.52 miles
  3. Ed Brickell – 53.32 miles

Complete 12 hour results

24 hour

It appears in the closing minutes, Cheri Woldt took the lead in the female race and won by one tiny, little lap (1 km) for a total of 88.04 miles. With the top male runner ending his day prior to the 20 hour mark, Cher kept it rollin’ to win the overall as well.

Top 3 female

  1. Cheri Woldt – 88.04 miles (*overall win*)
  2. Mary Ntefidou – 87.42 miles (*2nd overall*)
  3. Deborah Sexton – 71.92 miles (*4th overall*)

24 hour overall winners: Pete Mehok (2009) and Cheri Woldt (2010)

Pat Shannon lead the male minority in this event and completed his day with 81.22 miles.

All 2 males

  1. Pat Shannon – 81.22 miles (*stopped before hour 20*)
  2. Pete Mehok – 28.52 miles (*stopped before hour 4*)

Complete 24 hour results

Race Reports

  • ““This is old-school ultra running,” one participant said, and with the laid-back, hospitable race director and the small field of runners who cheerfully, vocally supported each other all day long regardless of differences in ability level, you had to wonder why a new school would ever be constructed.” by ebwrite @ Run with Mu
  • “I know the volunteers and the RD thought I was totally crazy, but I REALLY had FUN at this race. I arrived in such a great mood and it is sometimes hard for me to contain myself. Several times I jumped for joy as I crossed the timing mat.” by Maryann @ malvs2walk

If you have a race experience to share, please include in the comment link below.

Congrats to all the runners!

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