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The Ultracentric Experience – 2010 Run Results

Athletes brought home the Gold at The Ultracentric Experience – literally.

One of the few 24 hour type events in the TALON region, The Ultracentric Experience took place at the Double Lake Recreation Area within the Sam Houston National Forest, just north of Houston, Texas. This was a new location for the event which had previously taken place in the Dallas area of north Texas.

The race options included 100 mile Centurion Walk, 100 mile Fun Run, and 6/12/24/48/72 Hour Endurance. The race also offered a mountain bike format (different course) for those interested in some pedal power fun.

The event presented a unique prize purse, American Eagle gold coins. The first place SOLO winners (male and female) in the 24, 48, and 72 hour, all received a one ounce coin. The price for gold right now is almost $1400 per ounce. A nice little chunk of change.

This year was a very small field of runners with a total 17 participating. The 24 hour run had the largest number of runners at eight.


Athletes moved along a flat, paved, .6 mile looped course surrounded by plenty of nature within the park. Then you go, around, around, and around. You are never far from other runners, friends, support…or a chair.

Run Course Video


Looks like the 72 hour had no takers.

48 Hour Male / Female

Frank Bireley was the only runner in the male race. After 51.28 miles, Frank apparently called it a weekend and took home his gold coin.

At the end of 48 hours, Melody Dennis and Kimberly Sergeant won the female race with the exact same mileage –  144.69 miles.

All Male/Female Results

  • Melody Dennis (F) – 144.69 miles
  • Kimberly Sergeant (F) – 144.69 miles
  • Jamie Maas (F) – 120.88 miles
  • Frank Bireley (M) – 51.28 miles

24 Hour Female/Male

The female race had three of the US National 24 Hour Team toe the start line – Jamie Donaldson, Debra Horn, and Amy Palmier-Winter. In her usual dominating fashion, Jamie inspired this group of runners and completed 136.98 miles. Debra Horn finished second with 100.12 miles.

Don Winkley completed the most laps in the male race for a total of  86.08 miles. Lloyd Sorenson was next at 53.11 miles.

All Female/Male Results

  • Jamie Donaldson (F) – 136.98 miles
  • Debra Horn (F) – 100.12 miles
  • Amy Palmier-Winter (F) – 95.85 miles
  • Don Winkley (M) – 86.08 miles
  • Yen Nguyen (F) – 84.45 miles
  • Rochelle Frazier (F) – 55.56 miles
  • Peter Bennett (M) – 47.62 miles
  • Lawrence Macon (M) – 15.26 miles

12 Hour Male/Female

Lloyd Sorenson ran 87 laps to win the male race with 53.11 miles.

Holly Gardner enjoyed 68 laps and won the female race with 41.51 miles.

All Male/Female Results

  • Lloyd Sorenson (M) – 53.11 miles
  • Holly Gardner (F) – 41.51 miles
  • Chris Throckmorton (M) – 40.29 miles
  • Mercedes Tarley (F) – 31.14 miles

Complete Lap-by-lap breakdown for all races.

Race Reports

  • “The funny part is I really don’t remember much from the first 17 hours. Maybe I ingested too much campfire smoke, ran up too many hills, or dodged too many kids on their bikes, but the first 100 miles seemed to go pretty fast mentally.” by Jamie @ Run Like a Girl

If you have a race experience to share, please include in the comment link below.

Congrats to all the runners!

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(Photos: Courtesy of Ultracentric and Orbital Joe)

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2 Responses to “The Ultracentric Experience – 2010 Run Results”

  1. on 03 Dec 2010 at 3:10 pm Paul Mastin

    I wish I had entered the 48 hr! I would run 51.29 miles for an ounce of gold!

  2. on 06 Dec 2010 at 2:52 pm David Hanenburg

    Paul – I am sure a few people are saying that right now.