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Devil’s Den Trail Run – 2010 Results

The final trail running adventure of the 2010 Nortwest Arkansas Trail Running Series put on by LIART Sports came to a fun filled finish at race #6, Devil’s Den. The final leg screaming run took place at Devil’s Den State Park, tucked in the beautiful oak-hickory forest of the Ozarks Mountains.

Nearly 100 runners got dirty on the 8.3 or 2.9 mile course.

Throughout you will see a collection of random photos – all photos courtesy of LIART Sports!


The long-course runners cruised along two separate clockwise loops (big loop, small loop). The short-course runners enjoyed the small loop. It is not clear how technical the course was but many of the pictures highlight a fairly groomed surface.

Course Map


8.3 Mile – Long Course

Race #4 winner, Tristan Cooper, was back at the front on the male race along with Alden Hotz. Both Tristan and Alden burned off sub 7 min/mile averages for the distance. Tristan had the extra gear and won the male race in 55:26. A little over two minutes later, Alden crossed the finish in 57:46.

Top 5 male

  1. Tristan Cooper – 55:26 (*male course record*)
  2. Alden Hotz – 57:46
  3. Rob Redwine – 58:22
  4. Jon Bitler – 59:08
  5. Jeremy Provence – 1:01:06

Jeremy Provence held onto the race series lead and won the six race 2010 Long Course series.

Complete Male/Female Results

Complete Overall Series Points Results

Niki Williams inspired those behind as she won the female race by six minutes with a time of 1:08:03. The dash for second may have been a bit more exciting as Vania Williams and Keda Steinert were separated by less than 20 seconds.

Top 5 female

  1. Niki Williams – 1:08:03 (* female course record*)
  2. Vania Williams – 1:14:32
  3. Keda Steinert – 1:14:51
  4. Marr-Lynn Flory – 1:22:15
  5. Leslie Johnson – 1:23:07

Marr-Lynn’s fifth place finish was strong enough for her to maintain and win the 2010 Long Course series.

Complete Male/Female Results

Complete Overall Series Points Results

2.9 Mile – Short Course

Manon Gros and Kayle Dryer enjoyed the journey near the front of the female race and were separated by ohhh…7 seconds at the finish line. Manon was first to dash across the finish with a time of 29:12. This was also strong enough for 3rd overall.

Top 5 female

  1. Manon Gros – 29:12 (*3rd overall*)
  2. Kayle Dryer – 29:33 (*4th overall*)
  3. Addison Graham – 32:05 (*6th overall*)
  4. Indigo Fischer – 33:30 (*7th overall*)
  5. Morning Glory Leggett – 33:45 (*8th overall*)

Gerrit DenHerder and Joah Clements kept it rollin’ at the front of the race with a pack of women waiting for a stumble. Gerrit won the male race in 28:04 and Joah was able to hang onto second overall with female winner, Manon Gros, a short six second behind.

All 4 male

  1. Gerrit DenHerder – 28:04
  2. Joah Clements – 29:06
  3. Christian Loeschel – 30:57
  4. Samuel Johnston – 1:01:15

Complete Male/Female Results

Inspiration Point

Check out the wisest finisher. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Once again, Frank Hysell was back for the long course adventure at age 65.

Good stuff!

Race Reports and other Media

Congrats to all the runners!

Bonus Pic – Best Digger While Still Smiling Award

One tough dude!

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