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White Mesa FA 50km Trail Run – 2010 Results

Unmarked, Unsupported, Unbelievable

Kickin’ it old-skool at the White Mesa Fat Ass 50 km adventure run on the White Mesa bike trails in San Ysidro, New Mexico. No glitz, no glamour, no cost, but plenty of trail running fun!

10 adventure seekers decided to get together and enjoy some trail time on a windy day in New Mexico.


The 50 km course consisted of four loops and then one short out and back section. The entire route takes place on the White Mesa Bike Trails Area. Loops one and three clockwise, loops two and four counterclockwise. Each trail intersection is reported to be well marked.

After each loop, write your time on a clip board, access your car if needed, then keep rockin’.

The scenery is promoted as the most unusual and spectacular in New Mexico.


Apparently the park map mileage was a bit off…like by 14 km. Some runners ran the entire 64 km, others just ran the four loops (~50km+-ish) or some other variation.

All Runners

  • Vlad Henzl – 64 km – 7:26:03
  • Jim Breyfogle – 64 km – 7:25
  • Jacob Waltz – 50 km – 6:31
  • Bobby Keogh – 50 km – 8:50
  • Cliff Matthews – 50 km – 9:28
  • Diana Koegh – 23 miles – 7:45
  • Betsy Kapiloff – 23 miles – 7:45
  • Michelle Hummel – 14 miles – 2:59
  • Molly Roberts – 14 miles – 2:30
  • Sam Gardneswartz – 14 miles – 2:30

Complete Results and some commentary

Race Reports

  • “This course turned out to be one of those that seems like it’s uphill the whole friggin’ time. There was one flat section that was maybe 2/3 of a mile long, but the rest was constant up or down. Getting a good rhythm was a challenge for me, both physically and mentally. That combined with the complete lack of shade and strong winds made for a deceptively tough day.” by Jacob @ Santa Fe Trail Runner
  • “I was dreading the out and back because it is the hardest section of the course. It steeply drops down the section called the center spline – a marble and gypsum ridge off the volcanic rim down to the caldera. My bet is it loses 700 feet in 0.4 miles. There are a couple scrambling sections. Then the out and back continues over some rocky trails for a total of 2.5 miles. You then get to turn back around and head back – climbing up that grunt of a trail. I was seriously cursing my own name for putting this in the race.” by Jim (also event organizer) @ New Mexico Trail Running

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Congrats to all the runners!

Garmin Data Request

If you have the Garmin data for one of the loops and would be willing to share it, please let me know through my contact page. Danke!

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(Photos: Courtesy of Chantal Foster (also Trail Map and Cabezon Peak)

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