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TALON Dirt and Distance Bites: Syllamo – Rocky – Jemez

Trail and Ultra Running News and Notes from the TALON Region…that catches my attention.

We have a little past, present, and future for ya today.

Syllamo 100 Cancelled

The Syllamo 100 (Oct 22-23) trail run was cancelled this year due to low number of entrants.

This event looks to be quite epic:

  • Ozark Mountains in Arkansas
  • 100% single-track
  • primarily out-and-back course
  • 27,000+ feet of climbing
  • 36 hour cutoff
  • low humidity and temps ranging from 30s to mid 70s.

What am I missing here? Sounds like a trail runner’s dream.

Anyone know why the low interest for this event?

Rocky Raccoon 50 mile is FULL – sort of

The Rocky Raccoon 100/50 mile trail adventure takes place at Huntsville State park in Texas on Feb 5, 2011. The 50 mile race option is currently FULL BUT there is a wait list.

What does this mean? Per the race website – If someone withdraws from the 50 mile race (prior to the race date) or the 100 mile race doesn’t reach the 550 runner capacity (currently 181) by Jan 15, the next person on the wait list can dust off their shoes and glide up all those sensitive spots because you are racin’.

As of the publishing of this article, the wait list is currently 26 deep. Four wait list athletes have been accepted already which likely means four athletes dropped from the race.

So if you want a chance to go 50, send in your registration and pesos to get on the list. Checks used to roast marshmallows if you don’t get in. (maybe just a rumor 😉 )

Paper Entry

Jemez Mountain Trail Run –  Registration Opens December 1st

Registration for the epic Jemez Mountain 50 mile and 50 km trail race in Los Alamos, New Mexico, open December 1st. Registration for the half marathon opens February 1st, 2011.

Race date: May 21, 2011

2010 World Ironman Champion Chris McCormack at Jack and Adam’s Bicycles in Austin, Texas

Free food, beer, and a talk by Chris. Should be pretty cool.

So not entirely running but definitely ultra related. He won this year’s championship in the final two miles of the marathon.

When: Wednesday, November 17th 7-9 pm

Where: Jack & Adam’s Bicycles (more info on the site as well)

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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