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Cactus Rose 100 Trail Run 2010 Course Flyover

Tejas Trails just completed another great trail running event in the TALON region, the Cactus Rose 100 and 50 adventure, tucked in the Hill Country of southern Texas.

What does the course look like without the ankle breaking rocks? Here is a course flyover of the main 25 mile loop!

Special thanks to Jeff for the 2010 Garmin data and the aerial coverage couldn’t have been done without the help from a recent supporter of Endurance Buzz – The Flying Pig. Don’t let her cute looks fool ya. She is a badass!

Course Profile (main 25 mile clockwise loop)

Click on image to enlarge.

Race flow – Run the above 25 mile clockwise loop. Then run the loop in the opposite direction (counter clockwise). 50 miler’s would then be done, 100 mile athletes continue alternating.

The race website has 1800 feet gain per 25 mile loop. The Garmin data I looked at (with elevation correction) had between 2500-3000 (depending on the amount of smoothing)  feet per loop. Regardless, expect plenty of terrain variety, including a few 300-400 foot climbs…and ROCKS!

To the Sky

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

(Photo: Flying pig courtesy of macieklew.)

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