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Deadman Peaks 50 Ultramarathon – 2010 Video

Here is a sweet video create by Eugene Smith from the recently held Deadman Peaks 50+ mile trail run (results summary) along the continental divide out in New Mexico.

Eugene was also the youngest finisher of the run at age 26. Congrats Eugene!

Enjoy his video!

Deadman Peaks 50 ultramarathon- Continental Divide Trail from Eugene Smith on Vimeo.

Follow the cairns. What the heck is a cairn?

I don’t think I had even heard the word before this event.

Thanks to Mr. Wiki, a cairn is a “human-made pile of stones, often in conical form“.

Some of the many known purposes of cairns:

  • mark a burial site
  • summit of a mountain
  • mark the path across barren terrain
  • used for astronomy
  • used as lighthouse-like holder for fires to guide boats
  • represent places where livestock were lost

Also still looking for Garmin data from the run. If you would be willing to share it, please give a digital shout through my contact page. Thanks! 🙂

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David –

(Photo: Courtesy of wili_hybrid)

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