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Cactus Rose 100 Mile Trail Run – 2010 Results

Sub 20 hour finish and new course record set in the 100 mile race!

Last weekend, the no whiners allowed Cactus Rose Trail Run took place at the Hill Country State Natural Area in Bandera, Texas (just north west of San Antonio). This 100/50 mile trail run is a bit unique in that there is minimal support at any of the aid stations. Water, ice, and some shelter will be available, you provide the rest (nutrition, duct tape, motivation, etc).

Nearly 150 enjoyed the old-skool adventure.

The event also had nine children participate in the one mile run! Woohoo!

Special thanks to Dave Carder, Jeff Linwood, and Deborah Sexton for providing the variety of pics!


The course is one main 25 mile loop but you alternate running it clockwise, then counter-clockwise until you have completed the desired…or required distance. There are no mountain climbs (we are in Texas), but there are a few 300-400 foot leg burners per loop. You will enjoy ~1800 feet of gain per 25 so it is definitely not flat…at least by flatlander standards.

The biggest somewhat unique challenge for this run is the variety of terrain for the feet. You can run some fairly well groomed trail that your body gently floats along, and then you will get the rock minefields that set your awareness to high alert. Daydream here and it will get ugly.

Clockwise profile

Counter-clockwise profile

Want some more course insight? Check out this cool video by John Sharp from the 2009 race.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)


100 mile

Steven Moore rose the inspiration bar by setting a new course record in the male race by 90 minutes! Steven finished the 100 mile journey under 20 hours with a time of 19:35:47. Previous course record holder, Ryan Loehding, finished a strong second in 22:37:08.

Top 5 male

  1. Steven Moore – 19:35:47 (*Course record*)
  2. Ryan Loehding – 22:37:08
  3. Stephen Baumgartner – 23:24:49
  4. Eric Gilbertson – 23:42:06
  5. Brian Hopton-Jones – 23:53:52

The female race only had three runners that finished the 100 mile run. It was a tight finish between Beth Simpson-Hall and Mary Ntefidou. Beth was able to create less than a 20 minute gap to win in 31:54:32.

All 3 females

  1. Beth Simpson-Hall – 31:54:32
  2. Mary Ntefidou – 32:13:31
  3. Marissa Walker – 33:59:11

50 mile

Margaret Kaderli light-footed it at the front of the overall race, to win the female event with a time of 10:28:51. This also put her 6th overall. Patricia Young finished second in 11:42:59.

Top 5 female

  1. Margaret Kaderli – 10:28:51
  2. Patricia Young – 11:42:59
  3. Mariela Botella – 12:25:37
  4. Tracy Holland – 12:42:07
  5. Elise Harrington – 13:04:13

Rumored to be the best Halloween costume.

Canadian Simon Donato, ran through the rock littered terrain to win by 20+ minutes in a time of 8:23:26. Derek Purvis finished a speedy second in 8:45:02.

Top 5 male

  1. Simon Donato – 8:23:26
  2. Derek Purvis – 8:45:02
  3. Michael Heath – 9:04:12
  4. Joe Tammaro – 10:04:19
  5. Rick Autrey – 10:26:09

Complete Results

Inspiration Point

Check out the wisest finisher. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Paul Jensen at age 67 solidly completed the 100 miles journey.
  • Nofal Musfy enjoyed 50 miles of trail at 68.

Good stuff!

Race Reports and other Media

  • “Cheri asked me if I wanted to drop out of the race after one loop, but my leg muscles really only hurt after sustained periods of running, which there isn’t that much of on this course anyway for me. So I told her I was going to finish, even if it meant I just hiked most of the course.” by Jeff @ GreenNinja
  • “I had some tense moments early on trouble-shooting Camelback issues for Chris.  He came through at mile 5 and said he couldn’t get much water out of it — and Help!…I cursed vacuums and physics.” – crewing report #1 by Liza @ LizaHoward’s Blog
  • “I think it’s almost impossible to understand how hard a runner is working during a race when you are crewing.  You see people come into the aid stations utterly spent, but because you also see runners come in who are doing okay, your sense of the extent to which people are “digging deep” is slightly diminished.  I think.” – crewing report #2 by Liza @ LizaHoward’s Blog
  • Professional pics from Enduro Photo (pics not available yet – at least when this article went live).
  • Course Flyover – Check out the main 25 mile loop.

If you have any other experience reports to share, please include them in the comment link below. 🙂

Check out the TALON Race Guide

There are over 110 regional trail/ultra races in the TALON Race Guide. Be sure to check it out if you are looking for a fairly large list of events in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. New events are always being added.

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