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Deadman Peaks Trail Run – 2010 Results

Last weekend a low key trail running adventure took place in Cuba…New Mexico. This desolate 53 mile run on the continental divide is called the Deadman Peaks Trail Run.

50 outdoor lovers started the cool weathered epic journey, 66% of them were able to finish the entire distance. All created memories they will likely not soon forget.

A huge thanks to RD, Jim Breyfogle, for the variety of pics of the course and event.


Jagged seems to pretty accurately describe the profile as you travel by foot along the Rio Puerco Valley. Enjoy ~6300 feet of gain along some challenging trail that includes, plenty of rocks, some overgrowth, deep sand, slick rock, and a few relatively short but technical climbs.

The course dances between 6300 – 7400 feet elevation.

After Running out 26+ miles, you enjoy a bit of self talk before you turn around and retrace your streps along the course that includes amazing views of the high desert environment, badlands, mesas, mushroom rocks, mountains, and volcanic plugs.

Course Profile


Some steady efforts at the front of the male adventure had Tim Long lead the way. Tim finished ~30 minutes in front of the next chaser, Brooks Williams. Tim won with a time of 8:55:34.

Top 3 male:

  1. Tim Long – 8:55:34
  2. Brooks Williams – 9:26:20
  3. Brett Gosney – 10:07:27

Missy Miller earned the female win and a fourth overall finish, with a time of 10:45:23. Tammy Stone kept it steady to finish second in 12:16:30.

Top 3 female:

  1. Missy Miller – 10:45:23 (*4th overall*)
  2. Tammy Stone – 12:16:30
  3. Iris Priebe – 12:41:10

Female winner - Missy Miller and her unique award

Complete Results

The Trash Award

One unique award, The Trash Award, was given to the runner that picked up and deposited the most trash at the aid stations. This honorable award was won by Daniel Mickey who was seen carrying tire tread over his shoulder! He also put together a solid 12 hour run.

Inspiration Point

Check out the wisest finisher. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Bobby Keogh finished the 50+ mile desert adventure at age 61.


Race Reports and more pics

  • “So many beautiful views. Unfortunately, you’d trip and smash your teeth out if you looked anywhere other than directly in front of your feet.” – by Tim @ Footfeathers (race winner)
  • “Since we had been running on the high mesa for a couple of miles on a defined double-track trail, I didn’t anticipate the course taking us right of the edge of the cliff, so when the flags pointed that way I chose to keep going straight on the trail.” by Brooks @ Run to Live (2nd male)
  • Check out the results page for links to a whole collection of race pics

If you have any reports or experiences to share from the event, please add a comment.

Garmin Data Request

If you have Garmin data from this epic adventure and would be willing to share your Garmin Connect link, please let me know through my contact page. Danke!

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