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Double Dirty Dozen Trail Run – 24 The Hard Way Road Run – 2010 results

Dirt – Pavement – 24 hour – 12 hour – 6 hour – Plenty of loopy fun – Rumor had it, a bit of wind as well

Last weekend a unique, short loop timed event took place at Bluff Creek Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You could enjoy a 24/12/6 hour running journey on a paved park trail or a single-track dirt trail through the park woods. Depending on the surface of choice, you either participated in the 24 The Hard Way (pavement) or Double Dirty Dozen (dirt).

For those that may be unfamiliar with this format – run, walk, crawl as much as you want for 24, 12, or 6 hours. There is no distance you have to cover in order to finish. Aid, support, a chair, is always typically within a mile or two. For those racing, most laps wins.

Over 115 runners enjoyed this loopy running adventure.

Special thanks to 24 The Hard WayDouble Dirty Dozen for the various random pics from the event.


The park pavement runners enjoyed a smooth, clean, one-ish mile loop within the park that contains a few twists and turns while surrounded by nature on both sides of you. The pavement course is fairly flat but does includes a few tame rollers.

Video and map of the course

The dirt lovers scamper along 2-ish mile varied single track that contains the usual roots, rocks, and possibly a bit of mud (depending on conditions).  The first mile is more technical than the second. No monster climbs but some brief muscle smiling grade changes.


24 Hour Road

Bryon Lane and Tatsunori Suzuki were separated by a half mile after a full 24 hours of moving the body. By lap 94 (~17 hour mark), Bryon had reclaimed the lead and began to create separation from Tatsunori. When both men completed 114 laps (21-22 hour mark), Bryon had a 50 min advantage. Bryon appeared to stop after 121 laps (just after the 23 hour mark) while Tatsunori kept ticking off 11-13 min/miles. In order to maintain the lead, Bryon had to get moving again and complete another lap. Bryon won with 117.33 miles. Tatsunori finished with 116.82 miles.

Top 5 male

  1. Bryon Lane – 117.33 miles
  2. Tatsunori Suzuki – 116.82 miles
  3. Bruce Layne – 111.30 miles
  4. Norman Decelles – 106.41
  5. Danny Ponder – 104.83

Complete male 24 hour results

Suzanna Bon completed owned this course. Her lap splits are predominately 9:xx. In 24 hour land, that is flying. Suzanna covered 137.78 miles, won the female and overall race. Crushed it! Anita Fromm finished a strong second, with 100.02 miles.

Top 5 female

  1. Suzanna Bon – 137.78 miles (*overall winner*)
  2. Anita Fromm – 100.02 miles
  3. Adrianne McCasland – 87.62 miles
  4. Kimberly Sergeant – 75.98 miles
  5. Taylor Mahan – 66.36 miles

Complete female 24 hour results

24 Hour Trail

[update 10/29: Thanks to the insight from Julie, all trail events will have more accurate distance measurements soon. Currently the results only note the distance for completed laps. With each lap being approximately two miles, each runner will likely have somewhere between 0-1.99 miles added to their distance.]

A total of three men went for the dirty 24 hour. Ensup Kim completed 76 miles on the trail to win the male race.

All 3 male

  1. Ensup Kim – 76 miles
  2. Tim Murray – 40 miles
  3. Charlie Brickman – 36 miles

Complete male 24 hour results

Molly Gibb completed 64 miles to win the female race. Looks like she may have taken a couple hour break around the 14 hour mark. Holly Hicks-Black and Katharine Miller finished tied for second with 46 miles.

All 5 female

  1. Molly Gibb – 64 miles (*2nd overall*)
  2. Holly Hicks-Black – 46 miles
  3. Katharine Miller – 46 miles
  4. Melissa Stone – 42 miles
  5. Tanya Brown – 40 miles

Complete female 24 hour results

12 Hour Road

The female race was lead by Kelly Emmert from the early miles. Kelly went on to complete 62.35 miles. A bit more excitement was occuring in 2nd through 6th place with three or less miles separating the five women. Andrea Ismirle was able to hang on to second place and finish with 55.07 miles.

Top 5 female

  1. Kelly Emmert – 62.35 miles (*tied with Maurice Lee III for the overall*)
  2. Andrea Ismirle – 55.07 miles
  3. Theresa Daus-Weber – 53.70 miles
  4. Rebecca Cunningham – 52.58 miles
  5. Sharon Borrows – 51.82 miles

Complete female 12 hour results

Cuu Nguyen created around a 13 minute lead within the first six hours. Maurice Lee III was the next chaser and kept ticking off fairly consistent laps. When Cuu began to slow significantly, Maurice made the pass around the seven hour mark and kept the feet turning over to win by over two miles with 62.35 miles. Cuu finished second with 60.02 miles.

Top 5 male

  1. Maurice Lee III – 62.35 miles (*tied with Kelly Emmert for the overall*)
  2. Cuu Nguyen – 60.02 miles
  3. Charles Dickeson – 55.72 miles
  4. Kevin Kline – 53.40 miles
  5. Brad Xanders – 50.o0 miles

Complete male 12 hour results

12 Hour Trail

Christine Tokarz ran most of her laps within 20-28 minutes to win the two-person female race on the trail with 56 miles. Christine was also the overall winner.

All 2 female

  1. Christine Tokarz – 58 miles (*overall winner*)
  2. Shay Beatty – 38 miles

Complete female 12 hour results

Rex Pace completed 52 miles to win the three person male race.

All 3 male

  1. Rex Pace – 52.0 miles
  2. Justin Fuller – 42 miles
  3. Richard Nokes – 22 miles

Complete male 12 hour results

6 Hour Road

Derek Dippon pushed the pace at the start with mid six minute laps. His lap times eventually dropped into the mid eight minutes but it was still fast enough to win with a total of 48 laps (no mileage given in the results), 5 loops in front of the next chaser. Jay Roberts finished second with 43 loops.

Top 5 male

  1. Derek Dippon – 48 laps
  2. Jay Roberts – 43 laps
  3. Bill Richardson – 41 laps
  4. Robert Lopez – 38 laps
  5. Adam Brooks – 35 laps

Complete 6 hour male results

Carol Swanson’s low/mid eight minute laps for the first 10 laps put her in the lead and she never let it go. Carol won the female race with 35.47 miles. The race for second and fourth each had two women within a lap of each other. This likely provided a bit of extra fun near the end of six hours.

Top 5 female

  1. Carol Swanson – 35.47 miles
  2. Jane Pace – 30.66 miles
  3. Howie Trinh – 29.81 miles
  4. Sophia Palin – 28.39 miles
  5. Alisha Shutler – 27.89 miles

Complete 6 hour female results

6 Hour Trail

Russell Allison finished four miles in front of the nearest chaser to win the male race with 34 miles. Second and third place both had two runners tied with the same mileage, 30 and 28 respectively.

Top 5 male

  1. Russell Allision – 34 miles
  2. Keith Harrision and Larry Flies – 30 miles
  3. Warren Realrider and Stephen Abernathy – 28 miles
  4. Joel Peer – 26 miles
  5. Richard McLaughlin – 24 miles

Complete 6 hour male results

Sherri Tullia ran at the front from the beginning and won the female race with 26 miles. Similar to the male race, second and third were ties between two runners each.

All 4 female

  1. Sherri Tullia – 26 miles
  2. Julie Dolph and Lindsey Melott  – 24 miles
  3. Desire Margagliano and Karen Riddle – 22 miles
  4. Rebekah Crain – 8 miles

Complete 6 hour female results

Race Reports

  • “At mile 14 I started having leg cramps so bad I had trouble walking, much less running.  Miles 14-16 I ran/walked with Melissa and tried to assess what my body was telling me.  Melissa told me they had vegetable soup at the aid station and I should try that.  Coming in from mile 16 I did just that and almost instantly the leg cramps disappeared and I was off running again.” by Julie @ Trailing Along
  • “My plan was to start out slow, and keep a steady pace for as long as I could (10-12 min./lap).  I did for about 30 miles.  For there, the wind took its toll on me.” by AB @ Keep moving forward

If you have a race report or experience to share, please include it in the comment link below.

Congrats to all the runners!

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