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Los Chupacabras De DFW Night Trail Run – 2010 Results

Trails – Bring a light – Bring your appetite

The recently completed Los Chupacabaras De DFW trail run delivered a night run (9 pm start) on the trails of Lake Grapevine in North Texas. Although defined as a fun run (no awards), there were still plenty of runners pushing the pace.

After the 6-ish mile night journey, runners enjoyed plenty of food (burgers, salads, and beer) at Little Pete’s.

84 runners were ready for some run, food, and fun!


The trails out at Lake Grapevine contain a variety of grade changes but no significant climbs. Since this is a night run, the biggest challenge would be to protect the toes from rocks and roots…and not get lost in the bush.

To guide runners along their journey, glow sticks marked the course.


Idilio Campos put together a speedy nocturnal run, gliding along at 6:34 min/mile pace. Idilio easily led the male race and completed the trail running adventure in 40:48. Brian Hart was the second male in 46:56.

Top 5 male

  1. Idilio Campos – 40:48
  2. Brian Hart – 46:56
  3. Froylan Franco – 48:39
  4. Paul Smith – 49:17
  5. Kevin Baney – 55:19

The trail when the lights are ON!

Andrea Jarzombek was solidly second overall to win the female race averaging 7:05 min/mile, in a time of 43:58. Chelsea Hoang finished second in 1:00:01.

Top 5 female

  1. Andrea Jarzombek – 43:58 (*2nd overall*)
  2. Chelsea Hoang – 1:00:01
  3. Kelsey Pope – 1:10:28
  4. Ragan Mccoy – 1:10:44
  5. Erin Burt – 1:10:52

Complete Results

Race Reports

  • “Instead it was PITCH BLACK and the course was mightily unforgiving: extremely rocky, twisty, and holey, very narrow with steep hills and roots of various sizes everywhere daring you to pass without catching your foot. I hoped to be a veritable Evil Knievel, leaping and dodging and engaging catlike reflexes, but I executed such skills with Bella-Swan-like gracefulness (read: really freaking clumsily).” by Megan @ Running Girl

If you have any experiences to share from the event, please share away…

Congrats to all the runners!

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(Photos: Courtesy of moniko moniko and TimoAndDog)

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