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Forge Trail Series #4 – 2010 Results

Run a trail race – Win a day 5 cruise!


The final race of the four part Forge Trail Series completed last weekend at BREC’s Hooper Road Park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The entire 2010 series was a four mile course at the same park (changes next year – see special announcement below).

Series points are accumulated for overall (top 8 ) and age group (top 5) placing at each race.

A unique aspect to this series are wave starts based off of estimated 5 km time.

In terms of prize packages, they definitely go after it.

Here are just a few of the wowza awards:

  • After party – music, gift-giveaway, BBQ meal, drinks, beer, smoothies, and fruit.
  • A drawing for a 5 day cruise!
  • Super sweet gift packs for top three male/female overall for each race (cash, gift cards, beer, and more)
  • Crazy overall series awards (Ski Trip for 2, $500 cash, and more).

A total of 84 athletes came out to play for the final race of the series.

A special announcement for 2011 – Forge Racing will put on a Louisiana trail running state championship series.  Races will take place throughout the state. Not sure if there will be a variety of distances but it will be interesting to see once the info is released.

All photos courtesy of Austin Benton. Thanks dude!


The course still remains a mystery other than it uses the mountain bike trails at Hooper Road Park. Based on reading the park trail descriptions there could be a nice mix of varied terrain for flat-lander country.

Mountain bike trail map – A guess that parts of this trail are used.


You definitely need a bit of giddy-up to win this race. Series dominator Adam Hoogewind and Jonathan Thomas ripped it through the four mile course in sub 6 minute pace. Adam’s 5:47 min/mile pace was smokin’ enough to cross the finish 12 seconds in front of Jonathan, and earn the male win in 21:57.

Top 5 male

  1. Adam Hoogewind – 21:57
  2. Jonathan Thomas – 22:09
  3. Harold Briscoe – 23:15
  4. Greg Bourgeois – 24:13
  5. Baine Breaux – 24:48

(clockwise from top: Adam Hoogewind, Jonathan Thomas, Baine Breaux, and Harold Briscoe)

Series female leader Sarah Skotty was scrappin’ with the front of the male race to finish 5th overall and win the female race in 24:38 (6:29 min/mile). This was a female course record for the series. Megan Broussard was the second female to finish with a time of 27:40.

Top 5 female

  1. Sarah Skotty – 24:38 (*5th overall*)
  2. Megan Broussard – 27:40
  3. Sarah Dicharry – 29:25
  4. Sarah Bailey – 29:54
  5. Kristin Depp – 30:07

Some fast Sarah’s in LA!

(clockwise from top: Sarah Skotty, Megan Broussard, Sarah Dicharry, and Sarah Bailey)

(Kristin Depp)

Complete Results

Series Champions

Adam Hoogewind won all four races of the series and earned the series male championship.

Top 3 male

  1. Adam Hoogewind
  2. Jonathan Thomas
  3. Greg Bourgeois

Sarah Skotty and Megan Broussard started the final race of the series tied with 20 points. Assuming they both stayed at the front of the race, whomever of the two crossed the finish first, would win the series. Sarah’s impressive win in the final race earned her the series female championship by two points.

Top 3 female

  1. Sarah Skotty
  2. Megan Broussard
  3. Abby Terhaar

Complete Series Results

Inspiration Point

Check out the wisest finisher. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Connie Desselle said “catch me if you can!” at age 64.

Life is play. Play is life.

(Connie Desselle)

Race Reports

  • No reports out there in the digital world. Please share your experience in the comment like below.

Congratulation to all runners that celebrated the active life.

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