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Rogue Fat Ass Trail Series – The Shore – 2010 Results

Last weekend, race #1 of the Rogue Fast Ass Trail Series (two races) took place just east of Austin at Lake Bastrop. The Shore Trail Run included both a 30 km and 10 km trail running adventure. 130 runners were excited to enjoy the milder Fall temps.


The course is described as having wide trail with turns, challenging hills, rocks, sand and pine needles.

Based on the results, it looked like one loop for th 10 km and two for the 30 km.


30 km

Erik Stanley cranked out the only sub 2 hour finish and won the male race in 1:55:52.  Eighteen minutes later, Robert Michell, finished second in 2:09:04.

Top 5 male

  1. Erik Stanley – 1:55:52
  2. Robert Michell – 2:09:04
  3. Derek Purvis – 2:12:47
  4. Rasim Musal – 2:14:08
  5. Marc Hamel – 2:14:13

The top four women inspired each other to raise their game as any slip in effort would have allowed a catch and pass. By the end of 30 km, only 90 seconds separated the lead runners, Sydney Pitt and Cindy Schlandt. Sydney was able to maintain a bit more giddy-up and won in 2:35:18. Cindy finished second in 2:36:49.

Top 5 female

  1. Sydney Pitt – 2:35:18
  2. Cindy Schlandt – 2:36:49
  3. Meg Ayers – 2:38:47
  4. Amanda Bergstrom – 2:41:51
  5. Meghan Murphy – 3:00:46

Complete 30 km results

10 km

The female race was a gotta-hurt burner between three women; Falesha Thrash, Betty Davis, and Lesa Zimmerman. How much burn? Well, 11 second separated first from second pace and eight seconds separated second from third place. After the smoke had cleared, Falesha was the first to cross the finish line, with a time of 48:14. Betty finished second in 48:25.

Top 5 female

  1. Felesha Thrash – 48:14
  2. Betty Davis – 48:25
  3. Lesa Zimmerman – 48:33
  4. Kim Carter – 51:46
  5. Veronica Scheer – 52:06

The front of the male race was equally exciting but consisted of two races. The race for first and the race for third place.

Chris Strait and Matt DeMartino both had their sights on the win as 27 seconds separated the two after 10 km adventure. Chris had the extra gear this day to earn the win in 38:42. Matt was next in 39:09.

Third place was up for grabs between Brad Bailey, Vincent Quaranto, and Talmedge Matts. The three were separated by less than 29 seconds. The final couple miles had to be fun. Brad was first to cross and earn third place in 43:36. Vincent dashed in next to claim fourth.

Top 5 male

  1. Chris Strait – 38:42
  2. Matt DeMartino – 39:09
  3. Brad Bailey – 43:36
  4. Vincent Quaranto – 43:53
  5. Talmedge Matts – 44:04

Complete 10 km results

Race Reports and Pics

  • Couldn’t find any. Please share if you have any groovy experiences to share.
  • A who collection of individual photos at AzulOx Photography.

Garmin Data Request

If you have Garmin data from the 30/10 km run and would be willing to share a copy of it with me, please let me know through my contact page. I can walk you through the process if you haven’t exported it before. Danke!

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