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Arkansas Traveller 100 – 2010 Results

Last weekend the 20th running of the historic Arkansas Traveller 100 took place within the Ouachita National Forest, a short drive west of Little Rock, Arkansas. The Arkansas Traveller is one of four 100 mile trail running adventures in the TALON region.

This year was a global affair with athletes from the United States, Canada, and Japan!

96 adventures seekers said, “Bring it!”

A few historic notes:

  • The average finish percentage for this 100 mile journey is 66%.
  • The largest number of starting line participants arrive from Texas and the host state of Arkansas.
  • Typically around 100-120 athletes run each year.
  • Course records: James Kerby – 15:37:26 (2004), Ann Trason – 17:13:10 (2002) – Wicked fast times!

All race pics provide by Nick at Black Dog Photo Productions and Dave Carder. Thanks Nick and Dave! Be sure to check out Nick’s collection of AT100 pics.


The first 16 miles consist of a figure-eight like route that includes eight miles on the Ouachita National Recreational Trail. The remaining miles are a large out-and-back which provides some opportunities to see another face as the distance between athletes begins to stretch out.

The course elevation varies between 800-2000 feet with approximately 12,000 feet of gain.

Course map

Course profile


The top runners in the male race all had a bit of separation from each other at the end of this journey. Scott Eason was first to finish in 18:12:31. 50 minutes later, 2009 winner PoDog Vogler, crossed in 19:02:11.

Top 5 male

  1. Scott Eason (AR) – 18:12:31
  2. PoDog Volger (AR) – 19:02:11
  3. John Muir (AR) – 20:56:41
  4. Dale Humphrey (MN) – 21:15:47
  5. Andrew Barrett (FL) – 21:19:39

(Scott Eason and Matt Crownover)

Six minutes separated first through third in the womens race. The win was available for any one of the three. Melissa Linan was able to keep it together in the final miles despite vision issues, to win her first 100 mile trail run in 23:34:57. Monica Scholz finished second, less than three minutes later, for a time of 23:37:40.

Top 5 female

  1. Melissa Linan (TX) – 23:34:57
  2. Monica Scholz (CAN) – 23:37:40
  3. Jenny Weatter (AR) – 23:40:44
  4. Candy Tranum (MS) – 25:11:16
  5. Stacy Bacon (TX) – 25:21:06

(Melissa Linan and Stacy Bacon)

Complete Results

Finish Rate – 73%

Inspiration Point

Check out the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

Life is play. Play is life.

(Dave Carder, Katsuyuki Hatta, and Laura Range)

Race Reports and Pics

If you have any thoughts to share on this 100 mile journey, please add them in the comment link below.

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David –

(All photos courtesy of Black Dog Photo Productions and Dave Carder)

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