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Big Tesuque Trail Run – 2010 Results

Start at 10,000 feet. Gasp your way up to 12,000 feet. Then flow back down to the start/finish.

Over 100 trail running athletes enjoyed the 11.6 mile high altitude adventure at the Big Tesuque Trail Run in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This event is organized by the local Santa Fe Striders.

All race photos are courtesy of Max Mujynya and Santa Fe Striders.


I just had to smile reading the start location – Aspen Vista Parking Lot. The simplicity of trail running sometimes…gotta love it.

This out-and-back course looks like one that provides plenty of solid footing at you grunt, groan, gasp, smile, sweat, and reflect while moving along a forest service road. The adventure tops out at Tesuque Peak (12,043 feet) and it appears to be the turnaround.

The profile looks something like this.


In the male race, Mike Ehrmantraut floated to the top of Tesuque Peak before flowing like a river to the finish, in a winning time of 1:25:40. While Mike raced alone at the front, second through fifth place was separated by just over two minutes. How are those quads feeling boys? 🙂 Clark Fox led the quad busting chasers and claimed second place in 1:32:21.

Top 5 male

  1. Mike Ehrmantraut – 1:25:40
  2. Clark Fox – 1:32:21
  3. Eric Peters – 1:33:53
  4. Kevin Brennan – 1:34:17
  5. Andres Santiago – 1:34:41

(Mike Ehrmantraut and Clark Fox)

(Andres Santiago)

Rachel Earley was floating and flowing with the best of them, if fact, Rachel put her treaded stamp on second overall with a time of 1:31:28.  The rest of the top five women were a bit more spread out with Michelle Born finishing second in 1:36:47.

Top 5 female

  1. Rachel Earley – 1:31:28 (*2nd overall*)
  2. Michelle Born – 1:36:47 (*8th overall*)
  3. Tanya Collins – 1:45:35
  4. Kerri Cotlle – 1:50:03
  5. Therese Trujillo – 1:50:27

(Rachel Earley)

(Kerri Cotlle)

Complete Results

Inspiration Point

Check out the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Tony Garcia and Otto Appenzeller said “Yes I can!” at 80 and 82 respectively. Awesome Awesome Awesome!

Life is play. Play is life.

Most Interesting Shoes

This pic caught my attention.

For those that like less-shoe, Daniel Escutia is getting it done (with a smile) in what would be called a minimalistic running shoe. Ya think?! Looks like a leather foot slipper of sorts. I on the other hand, would probably have tears running down my face at this point.

Also, a pretty cool looking stride shot.

Race Reports and Pics

If you have a report to share from this New Mexico run, feel free to add a comment.

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David –

(Photos: Courtesy of girolame and Max Mujynya)

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