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Clif Bar Goodies Winners and a Brief Explanation of That Darn Training Tool

With the help of  my son, a few of his favorite cars, and some chalk, the four Clif Bar goodie winners have been determined from those that guessed the purpose of my new training tool. Woohoo!

A huge thanks to all those that commented. The range of answered covered the practical, the strange, and the rather funny. Loved it!

So who won?

Let’s head outside in this video to find out.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Now what about that training tool?

First, what item is the tool?

As most guessed it was the dependable belt.


As much as I would prefer it to be simply for stretching, I am using it to provide some support, guidance, and maybe a bit of strengthening of my legs, specifically the knee tweaked left leg.

A few observations of the left leg:

  • inward rotating femur – not good, places stress/torque on the knee
  • weak quad muscle  – weaker than the right leg

So for various exercises (ex: wall squats, leg extensions, some plyometrics) where applicable, I create a loop that will be placed just above the knees. The belt loop will be of a diameter that when outward leg pressure is placed on it, my legs will be properly aligned. This provides a way to eliminate the rotating femur as I build various leg and stability strength.

Now ya know!

And based off of your comments, I will never look at a belt the same way again. 🙂

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David –

About the author

David Hanenburg David Hanenburg is the passionate dirt-lovin' creator of Endurance Buzz and has been playing in the endurance sports world since 2000 after knockin' the dust off of his Trek 950 hardtail thanks to a friend asking to go ride some local dirt. In 2007 he ran his first ultra on the trails and fell in love with the sport and its people. For more information on David's endurance sports journey, check out the About page.

7 Responses to “Clif Bar Goodies Winners and a Brief Explanation of That Darn Training Tool”

  1. on 05 Oct 2010 at 5:03 am Liza

    That was the best lottery “drawing” ever!

  2. on 05 Oct 2010 at 6:22 am Porta-pot bob

    that was fun to watch…thx for the video.

  3. on 05 Oct 2010 at 8:16 am David Hanenburg

    Thanks Liza and PPB! 🙂 G-man just went with it. I forgot to mention but he grabbed a blue piece of chalk and created this blue area within the running/trail section. I asked what that was and he said, “a waterfall”. Cool! I had to chuckle.

  4. on 05 Oct 2010 at 9:34 am Blaine Moore

    That was brilliant! What a great idea for picking winners.

  5. on 05 Oct 2010 at 7:47 pm David Hanenburg

    Thanks Blaine 🙂 Appreciate it.

  6. on 06 Oct 2010 at 4:38 pm Kim Duursma

    WOW! How original, I love it!

  7. on 07 Oct 2010 at 8:09 am David Hanenburg

    Thanks Kim. 🙂