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A couple recent examples of the grooviness of trail running.

The People

You’re one of the front runners of the USATF 50km Trail National Championship and your small group goes off course due to vandals (lame!). You determine the route is wrong, turn around, and get back on the correct course. The rest of the small group of leaders continue going the wrong way. You are now 50 feet from the finish wondering what happened to the rest of the runners and about to win the national championship.

Do you cross and claim the win?

Here are a couple excerpts from Scott Dunlap’s great trail running and endurance sports blog highlighting how Montrail athlete, Max King handled this exact situation.

What Max did next was extraordinary. Approaching the finish, he slowed to a stop and asked what happened. Upon learning of the situation, he waited 50 feet from the finish until the others caught up. They then agreed to cross the finish line as a group in the order they were at the moment the wrong turn was taken – Eric Skaggs (for the win), Max King (voluntarily taking second), Yassine Diboun, David James, Jeremy Tolman, Jason Moyer, Zach Violett, and Kami Semick (1st Woman). It turns out that Josh Nordell (10th), Derek Schultz (9th), and me were the first to approach the turn correctly marked.

I caught Max King on the way out and asked him what went through his head near the finish. He said “it was simple, really…Eric was crushing it all day, and it was not my best day. Eric was in a league of his own, and there is no question among any of us that he deserved the win today.”

What do you think?

The entire situation is crappy due to the course hackers and Max could have easily crossed the finish first and let the RD handle the likely mess. Instead, Max displayed this uncanny ethical standard in the heat of competition, 50 feet from a 50 km trail national championship.

Talk about a bit of inspiration to raise our game in all areas of life.

The Places

You may recall TALON athlete, Drew Meyer (my interview with him), completing the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning at the Wasatch 100 a few weeks back.

Here is a great video by Mountain Peak Fitness (they always have great vids) that highlights trail running on the spectacular Wasatch 100 course. Amazing!

2010 Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run from on Vimeo.

Let this help kick-start a weekend of enjoying some time outdoors!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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