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Palo Duro Trail Run Coming Soon – Get Fired Up Video and Helpful Tips

For those heading out to the mini Grand Canyon trail race in west Texas, the Palo Duro Trail Run, you have a little over three weeks till adventure time! Wow, Fall is here…although the recent temps wouldn’t suggest that. West Texas is a different world from the mid-part of the state – dry, dry, dry.

Here are a few things to help get you fired up and some useful tips and information. Hopefully it can help make your red rock run an extremely memorable one.


A couple good buddies of mine headed out to play in the canyon last year. Here is a sweet video (created by my buddy Dave Pearson) that highlights the terrain and unique environment you get to run in.

Palo Duro Trail Run 2009 from David Pearson on Vimeo.

More useful information

I nearly puked here while driving (as a passenger) into the canyon last year.

  • Variety of race information (Logistics, course insight, route profiles, terrain insight, race reports, course pics…and more)
  • Basic Course Flyover – This can give you a general idea of the flow and terrain of the course and contains the main loop of the course (from my 2009 Garmin 305 data).

If you haven’t ran out there yet, it is definitely one of the most unique running experiences in the region and a nice variety of distances (20k, 50k, 50 mile) to choose from. I have ran both the 50 mile and 50 km. Loved it!

Who else has been out to PD? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience out on the red rock in the comment link below.

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David –

(Photos: Courtesy of Human after all and r w h.)

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