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The Shoe Trail Run – Capt’n Karl Series #3 – Course Flyover

Up – Down – Up – Down – Keep the muscles guessing

That seems like the verbal profile for The Shoe trail run (Capt’n Karl Series #3) in central Texas. (2010 Results summary)

This video highlights the main loop for the 60 km and 30 km trail runners and is 9-ish miles in length. The initial short out-and-back is only ran at the start of loop 1 (for all race distances and varies a bit length).

For 10 km runners (based on the video mile markers): After mile 3, take a right on the dirt road. You will then take a left and reconnect onto the trail just after the mile 7 marker.

Course Profile (per loop) for the 60/30 km and 10 km Course

60/30 km (from 60 km Garmin data)

The initial out-and-back does vary between race distances but this gives a pretty good idea of the general flow.

~3000 feet up/down for 60 km course.

~1500 feet up/down for 30 km course.

10 km

~450 feet up/down for the 10 km course.

Course Flyover

The course can look like a big old knotted mess at times…so keep your eye on the trail.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Special thanks to Ultra Tortoise and Green Ninja for the Garmin data.

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