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Lean Horse 100 – 2010 TALON Athlete Results

TALON athletes getting dirty outside the region…

Trail runners from around the country and world played on the flatter, yet scenic Lean Horse 100. This Hot Springs, South Dakota event had 169 finishers across the three races distances (100 mile, 50 mile, 50 km).

Mickelson Trail


The 100/50 mile courses are out-and-back, starting in the city then lead athletes out along Mickelson Trail. The 50 km is a one-way run starting 31 miles outside then city and then run it in. (Not sure if the 50km description is correct. The website states different things depending where you look.)

100 mile – ~4000 feet ascent/descent

50 mile – ~2000 feet ascent/descent

50 km – mostly all downhill with ~2100+ feet of drop. (again, may be incorrect.)

Good footing throughout with short section of paved trail, followed with dirt road, and groomed trail.

Course Maps


100 mile

Top male and female

  • Mike Vance (NE) – 15:25:00 (First 100! – Won by over two hours.)
  • Anita Fromm (CO) – 22:00:05 (Nearly 90 minutes in front of the next chaser.)

TALON Results

  • Stan Ferguson (AR) – 21:18:15 (* 11th overall*)
  • Geraldo Ramirez (TX) – 23:26:53
  • Kathy Hoover (OK) – 25:13:25 (* Fourth female*)
  • James Bryan (TX) – 25:19:41 (* First 100!*)
  • Steve Blake (TX) – 27:40:10
  • Peter Bennett (TX) – 28:14:00
  • Yen Nguyen (TX) – 28:14:00
  • Marla Hendricks (TX) – 29:10:49
  • Earl Ortiz (NM) – 29:25:00
  • Jim Newton (TX) – 29:29:00

Complete 100 Mile Results

50 Mile

Top female and male

  • Kathy Youngren (AL) – 7:25:59 (*2nd overall*)
  • Jeremy Morris (NE) – 7:05:50

TALON Results

  • Shannon McFarland (AR) – 9:22:00 (*10th overall*)
  • Dale Lee (TX) – 9:50:46 (*11th overall*)
  • Jamie Huneycutt (AR) – 9:53:35
  • Tom Lane (AR) – 10:16:28
  • Tom Gill (LA) – 10:35:28
  • Chrissy Ferguson (AR) – 10:39:20
  • Mark Phelan (TX) – 11:30:49
  • Pete Ireland (AR) – 11:49:56

Complete 50 Mile Results

50 km

Top male and female

  • Todd Falker (MO) – 4:31:47
  • Bernita Lovelace (AR) – 5:41:52 (*TALON athlete and 4th overall*)

TALON Athletes

  • Bernita Lovelace (AR) – noted above!
  • Jay Huneycutt (AR) – 6:46:04
  • Carla Branch (AR) – 7:02:13
  • Mirek Malinowski (TX) – 7:53:46

Complete Results

Inspiration Station

The wisest finisher from each event. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • 100 mile: Earl Ortiz (NM), Mary Croft (NM) –  age 64
  • 100 mile special note: Larry Cawthon (CA), age 63, finished 6th overall in 20:16:56.
  • 50 mile: Pete Ireland (AR – TALON Athlete) – age 70
  • 50 km: Eugene Bruckert (IL) – age 75

Too cool!

Race Reports

  • “I dropped my bottles on the grass, asked the lady if I could stop now and planted my butt in a chair. It was the awesomest feeling in the world to finally sit down and know that I didn’t have to get back up until I damn well felt like it.” by Chris @ Hello, My Name is Chris and I’m a Runaholic
  • “And CRAP! I was running no faster than what they were walking!! But still, I continued to shuffle, and tried to just relax, stretch my stride out a little and just let gravity be my friend.” by TZ @ …miles to go before I sleep…

Congratulations to all the runners, those that completed the entire journey and those that didn’t, because it is not finishing that only  inspires, but the courage to step to the start line in the first place.

Feel free to share any thoughts on the event in the comment link below.

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(Photo: Courtesy of Ken ratcliff)

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