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Taos Ski Valley 10k Up & Over Trail Run – 2010 Results

Just 10 km…in the mountains.

Last weekend, a beautifully challenging trail run called the Taos Ski Valley 10k Up & Over Trail Run took place on the New Mexico summer slopes. This gnarly 10 km run was the last race of the 2010 La Sportiva Mountain Cup Series.

(Taos Ski Valley)

Bryon Powell from reported and participated (nice run!) in the event so no need to recreate the wheel, go check out Bryon’s race action summary and video interview with the male winner – A Race to the Wire at Taos Up & Over 10k

I wanted to highlight how the TALON athletes did but unfortunately the results don’t list their state. 🙁

Here are the complete results for your viewing pleasure.

Race Reports

  • “It was a gorgeous day – race started at 9, temps were in the mid 70s and no wind.    No kidding, I climbed for 41 minutes.   It was brutal.” by Jason @ Jason Taylor
  • “This view tends to trigger an immediate and vigorous fight or flight response in first-time visitors – the skiing ability of the visitor generally being the determining factor in whether the response is fight or flight. Maybe that’s why there’s a big sign out front basically saying “Don’t freak out, you can’t actually see most of the mountain from here”.” by yohkohb @ Santa Fe Trail Runner

Congrats to everyone on what appeared to be a very special day in the mountains.

If you have any event experiences to share, please add in the comment link below.

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(Photo: Courtesy of K. Muncie.)

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