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TATUR Mud Run – The Wet and Wild 2010 Results

Music – Family Fun – Costume Contest – Beer – Obstacles – Lots of mud and a bit of running too!

A less than two mile run has never looked more fun than the always crazy TATUR Mud Run.

Last weekend, this Tulsa, Oklahoma event brought out the crazies and for a good cause, with proceeds benefiting the Oklahoma Firefighter’s Burn Camp (A five day camp for children that are burn victims).

With sunny skies and highs in the 90s, a bit of mud never sounded so good…and apparently a very special day for weddings!

All the photos are courtesy of Photography by Annalisa. Thanks Annalisa!

The Course

Location – The Mud Bowl

Two options – The adult long course (1.38 miles) or the children’s short course (~ 1 km).

Running? For some, yes. For most, a darn good core workout.

Obstacles and mud a plenty!

Beware of the shoe monster!

A few of the obstacles included:

  • The Slip and Slide – 45 foot long slide down a hill with a mud pit waiting at the bottom.
  • The Hill Climb – Cargo rope up a muddy, gooey hill.
  • The Tire dive – Dive through the tire. You can guess what is on the other side.
  • Terrible Tank Traps – Three consecutive giant pools of mud.
  • and more mud, more obstacles, more fun!


Ha! Results? Apparently so, there was some kind of official race division.

The top males apparently learned to walk on water with their 6:xx min/mile pace.

Top 5 male

  1. Jay Jump – 8:34
  2. Ricky Mears – 8:43
  3. Tegan Magsam – 9:10
  4. Scott Ostrem – 9:38
  5. Jacob Gable – 9:47

The top five females cranked out right around an 8 min/mile average. The “race” was hot, hot, hot between the top four with a total of 15 seconds between them.

Top 5 female

  1. Grace Skocik – 10:57
  2. Brooke Sheperd – 11:03
  3. Miranda Burcham – 11:07
  4. Stephanie Fink – 11:12
  5. Becky Busch – 11:42

Complete results.

Race Reports The Pics

Race reports, um, well, who cares. Let’s see some more pics!

Fact - #199 is about to take one for the team!

The Slip and Slide - Pic 1/2

Slip and Slide - Pic 2/2

White no more...but still smilin'!

Eyes clayed shut - still looking strong!

Even More Pics!

Life is Play. Play is Life. Trail running has never looked so tame.

Anyone have any experience report to share from the event?

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

(All Photos: Courtesy of Photography by Annalisa.)

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