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Leadville 100 Trail Run – 2010 TALON Results

68 TALON athletes embarked on the ‘Race Across the Sky’ with two TALON females finishing top 5 in their division.

The quiet town of Leadville, Colorado was rockin’ over the weekend as 647 trail runners along with their friends, families, and a few pets, increased the cities population over 50% (city pop. of ~2800) with the running of the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run.

Altitude is the big story for most (and maybe that little Hope Pass area) as the course varies from 9,200 feet up to 12,600 feet. For us close to sea level flatlanders, this means a reduction in air pressure but of even more importance, ~30% less oxygen. Breathe on!

You have 30 hours to get it done.

(The start! – If you can’t see the video click here.)


Pretty simple course. Run 50 miles out, then retrace your steps along forest trail and mountain roads within the Colorado Rockies.

Course Map


A total of 363 trail running warriors finished the 100 mile journey.

Finish rate – 56%

Anton Krupicka lead for much of the race with a gap of 90 minutes before he experienced serious stop-you-in-your-tracks nutrition and dehydration issues with less than 20 miles to go.  Duncan Callahan was chasing in second and felt stronger as the race progressed. Duncan eventually passed Krupicka for the male win. Krupicka was forced to drop.

Top 5 male

  1. Duncan Callahan (CO) – 17:43:24
  2. Zeke Tiernan (CO) – 18:25:30
  3. Dylan Bowman (CO) – 18:36:15
  4. Neal Gorman (DC) – 18:47:54
  5. Jeff Beuche (CO) – 18:58:36

TALON athlete, Liza Howard, struggled with stomach issues for much of the race but thanks to the mighty Saltine cracker, was able to win the female race on her first go at the event. Fellow TALON athlete, Sus Brozik, finished fourth in 23:23:49. Awesome, Awesome!

Top 5 female

  1. Liza Howard (TX) – 21:19:47 (*TALON ATHLETE*)
  2. Stephanie Jones (CO) – 22:35:05
  3. Ashley Arnold (CO) – 23:08:16
  4. Sus Brozik (NM) – 23:23:49 (*TALON ATHLETE*)
  5. Andrea Metz (WI) – 23:34:35

TALON Athletes

37 TALON athletes were able to complete the entire 100 mile journey while 31 enjoyed as much as their body or the clock allowed.

The runner with the fastest feet from the region was Sean Lewis from Texas who finished an impressive 13th overall in 21:11:48. As noted above, Liza Howard, won the whole darn thing on the female side. Crazy cool!

The final official TALON finisher was Texan, Cynthia Henges, who kept it together to cross the finish line with three minutes to spare. Focus and determination – I think so!


  • Sean Lewis (TX) – 21:11:48 (*13th overall*)
  • Elizabeth Howard (TX) – 21:19:47 (*15th overall*)
  • Steven Moore (TX)  – 21:31:17
  • Rasim Musal (TX) – 22:55:14
  • Joe Constantino (TX) – 23:29:56
  • Paul Salazar (TX) – 24:37:22
  • Ken Fries (TX) – 25:04:35
  • Jason Lippman (TX) – 26:06:30
  • Kirk Brand Coburn (TX) – 27:50:43
  • Gerald Holbrook (TX) – 28:27:59
  • John Peck (TX) – 28:43:58
  • Steve MacDonald (TX) – 28:55:05
  • Drew Meyer (TX) – 28:59:37
  • David Springer (TX) – 29:22:00
  • Axel Reissnecker (TX) – 29:34:48
  • Jerry Hodges (TX) – 29:37:59
  • Mercedes Frost (TX) – 29:51:2o
  • Cynthia Henges (TX) – 29:57:00


  • PoDog Vogler (AR) – 24:11:13


  • Chisholm Dupree (OK) – 27:37:41
  • Randy Ellis (OK) – 28:27:30
  • Dan Keefe (OK) – 28:53:14

New Mexico

  • Sus Brozik (NM) – 23:23:49
  • Ken Gordon (NM) – 23:56:19
  • Michael Courtney (NM) – 24:08:53
  • Jason Patton (NM) – 24:30:21
  • Brian Crone (NM) – 24:41:26
  • Neil Blake (NM) – 27:11:13
  • Margaret Welk (NM) – 27:19:16
  • Jean Herbert (NM) – 27:24:36
  • Ruthanne Hamrick (NM) – 28:16:54
  • Tammy Parsons (NM) – 28:25:32
  • Shawn Cummins (NM) – 28:50:52
  • Kristen Kern (NM) – 29:17:34
  • Lisa Dougherty (NM) – 29:31:57
  • Adam Watters (NM) – 29:43:04

Complete Results

Race Reports

  • “Within a few seconds I conked out with a water bottle as a pillow and before I knew it Alex woke me and was doing everything he could to get me moving again.  I imagine it was like trying to roust a drunk.  My body simply quit functioning.” by Anton Krupicka @ Running Times
  • “I wore $4.00 thrift store shoes for the first 60 miles. When I went to switch them out after the last river crossing, the whole side of one shoe split apart. They had exactly 60 miles left in them.” – Tim (6th overall) @ Joghard
  • “The strangest thing that happened during the race was when a complete stranger handed me a tampon at the Winfield aid station.  (I know!).” – Liza (female winner) @ Liza Howard’s blog

If you want to share any of your own experience from the event, feel free to share in the comment link below.

A huge congratulations to all the athletes that said, “today we run!”.

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David –

(Photos: Courtesy of Ken Ratcliff)

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