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Spillway Classic Trail Run – 2010 Results

Over the weekend, the second largest trail run in the nation (per the RD) took place in the TALON region, at the Bonnet Carre Spillway in Norco, Louisiana. This fast, fun, crazy, and even a bit dirty 3 mile event called the Spillway Classic Trail Run is put on by the New Orleans Track Club and provides runners a bit of summer dirt fun.


The event organizers describe the course as a scenic and demanding cross country course that includes some running on the spillway levee, a water/mud section called the “gauntlet”, and the return path that may include sharp turns, log jumps, muddy/slippery sections, low limbs and a wooden bridge.

The race organizers provide a rating (0-10) to describe conditions of this year’s race with zero representing no hazards. This year’s rating was 3.5 and included some water, mud, slippery surfaces, and other hazards.


So how large is this event? There were 1886 entrants this year! Crazy numbers. I have to chuckle when a trail run says the event is limited to 2000 runners – and they almost reached it!

The top two of the male race were separated by six seconds at the finish with David Rooney fast-footin’ it ahead of Andy Florek to win in 17:27.

Top 5 male:

  1. David Rooney – 17:27
  2. Andy Florek – 17:33
  3. Neil McDonagh – 17:42
  4. Johnathan Koenck – 18:06
  5. Brendan Minihan – 18:22

First Place Male

Second Place Male

The female race was equally tight between the top two. Amy Guinn was able to keep herself five seconds in front of chaser, Ana De Vries, to win in 21:26.

Top 5 female:

  1. Amy Guinn – 21:26
  2. Ana De Vries – 21:31
  3. Michelle Hymel – 21:42
  4. Sophie Capmartin – 22:35
  5. Kathleen Coverick – 23:01

First Place Female

Second Place Female

Complete Male Results

Complete Female Results

Yellow Card at the finish?

Pictures don’t always reflect the true story but I sense a Yellow Card being waved by the ref on the right.

Can’t Forget About the FUN!

Race Report and Media

  • Couldn’t find any race reports… 🙁
  • Large selection of pics on the NOTC Facebook page.

If you participated in the event and would like to share your experience, please feel free to add it in the comment link below.

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(Photos: Permission granted by Chuck George. Courtesy of Ken Killian, George Waguespack, and Billie Sloss.)

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