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Badwater Ultramarathon – 2010 TALON Result

Earlier this week, the 33rd running of the Badwater Ultramarathon took place in California. This rather intense ultra run leads up to 90 runners, 135 miles, point-to-point, on pavement from Death Valley to Mount Whitney, California. If the distance isn’t enough, temperatures can reach up to 130 degrees. This event is not for the weekend warrior, in fact, you must be accepted by race organizers to even start the event.

The TALON region had one athlete racing at this year’s event, Doug Ratliff from Texas, who has crewed three times but this was his first time wearing the bib number.


The Badwater course is not only hot, you also have significant climbing to endure with a total of 13,000 feet of going-up and 4,700 feet of coming-down.

For an interesting collection of maps and profiles, check out the Race Route page.


Zach Gingrich (U.S. – IL), took the lead by the 122 mile check-point and never let it go. Zach won the male race in 24:44:48. Twenty-one minutes later, Oswaldo Lopez (U.S. – CA) held onto second with a time of 25:05:38.

The female was lead by two-time winner, Jamie Donaldson (U.S. – CO), by mile 41. As the miles and lead grew, Jamie went on to finish third overall and top female in a time of 26:16:12, breaking her own course record (26:51:33). Connie Gardner (U.S. – OH) finished strong as the second female and ninth overall in 30:35:08.

How did Doug Ratliff do?

Doug finished 43rd overall, with a time of 40:30:08. Doug had a near even split from the mile 72 check-point so it seems like he kept things rollin’ with solid pacing. Awesome!

As a special note, Jack Denness (age 75) finished his 12th and final Badwater in 59:13:02. Amazing!

What was the day like?

Check out this sweet recap video created by Rachel Schmitt, Lauren McMahon and Angel Rincon in association with AdventureCORPS. Make sure you grab a cold glass of a water, a hat, and water mister…it’s going to get hot!

2010 Badwater Recap Video

You can check out the Badwater Webcast page for a few more videos from the morning.

Congrats to all the athletes that started the event, the volunteers, the support teams…not easy for anyone but likely not an experience ever to be forgotten.

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

(Photos: Courtesy of Black.dots. and Alan Vernon.)

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