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Western States 100 – Oldest Male Finisher a TALON Athlete

In the Western States 100 results summary, I mentioned how impressed I was with Ian Maddieson’s consistent effort throughout the day to finish the 100 mile journey in 27:44:41. Our New Mexico trail runner also took home the Oldest Male Finisher award at the seemingly wise and spunky age of 67.

Ian charging to the finish!

What did Ian think of the modified snow course?

“The course this year at Western States was the easiest ever, due to modifications chosen by race management because of snow in the high country, so a finish was pretty easy. The finish percentage was the second highest in the history of the race (since such data became meaningful).”

That will be one special day, when I can say a 100 mile finish is pretty easy. I have some work to do!

His thoughts on winning the Oldest Male Finisher award.

“I was very proud to win the award for the oldest male finisher, though this was a little bittersweet as the three runners older than me in the race who didn’t make it to the finish are all people I really respect.”

Ian and his pacers - Heriberto Avelino, Carl Maes and Dave Emmons

In the above photo, Ian is holding a clock for the Oldest Male Finisher award and his mascot for this year’s run – a moose.

For my next 100 mile attempt, I think I need to find me a moose! 😉

More about Ian and his Western States adventure:

A special thanks to Ian for sharing this and inspiring us to keep moving, exploring, and playing throughout our years. Too cool!

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David –

(Photos: Courtesy of  Crew Chief, Caroline Smith.)

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