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Forge Trail Race Series #3 – 2010 Results

Over the weekend while Western States was taking place out west, Forge Racing had their third race of the seasonal four part series at BREC’s Hooper Road Park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Each race in the series is approximate four miles at the same park but the course is different for each race and you don’t know the actual course till race morning. Surprise, surprise! A couple other unique aspect of the event, is there are wave starts based on your estimated 5 km times and a kids one mile scramble run.


A mysterious four miles at BREC’s Hooper Road Park.

Park trail maps and descriptions.


150 trail runners participated in the four mile mystery run.

The male race had three runners within 30 seconds of each other, pushing for the win. Adam Hoogewind ran 6:15 min/miles to win in 23:39.

Top 3 male:

  1. Adam Hoogewind – 23:39
  2. Matthew Manning – 23:59
  3. Philip Glotser – 24:10

Sarah Skotty and Julia Whitrock were the lead women, running slightly over 7 min/miles. Sarah was able to turn up the speed and create a 25 second gap to cross the finish first.

Top 3 female:

  1. Sarah Skotty – 26:57
  2. Julia Whitrock – 27:22
  3. Megan Broussard – 27:57

Complete Overall Results

Video and Race Reports

If you participated in the event, how did it go?

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