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Western States 100 – 2010 TALON Athlete Results

A huge congratulations to all the athletes that began the journey at the Western States 100 over the weekend!

(Race Start  – If you can’t see the video click here.)

How did the 100 mile adventure go for the TALON athletes? I would say quite well, as 80% (16/20) were able to finish within the 30 hour time limit. Quite impressive for a group of mostly flatlanders!

(Snow in the early going! If you can’t see the video, click here.)

The region had three athletes that finished sub-24 hour. The first male/female TALON athletes to finish were Joe Constantino (TX) and Meredith Terranova (TX) at 22:47:44 and 23:56:02 respectively.

TALON Athlete Results Summary

  • Joe Constantino (TX) – 22:47:44
  • David Brown (TX) – 23:46:06
  • Meredith Terranova (TX) – 23:56:02
  • Michael Courtney (NM) – 26:36:45
  • Neil Blake (NM) – 27:09:27
  • Cindy Melder (TX) – 27:39:17
  • Ian Maddieson (NM) – 27:44:41
  • Mark Sobus (TX) – 27:57:30
  • Henry Bickerstaff (OK) – 29:06:38
  • Alex Reissnecker (TX) – 29:19:41
  • Karen Martin (AR) – 29:29:22
  • Paul Goodwin (TX) – 29:30:18
  • Drew Meyer (TX) – 29:39:42
  • Fred Thompson (TX) – 29:39:43
  • David Coats (TX) – 29:43:29
  • Jen Foster (AR) – 29:50:38
  • Jeffrey Genova (AR) – dropped at mile 93.5
  • Thomas Chapin (AR) – dropped at mile 55.7
  • Quent Bearden (TX) – dropped at mile 55.7
  • Brian Jackson (LA) – dropped at mile 29.7

Split times at mile 23.8, 55.7, 78, 89.9, and the finish.

Course map and profile for reference.

click on image to enlarge

While looking through the results one athlete’s data really caught my attention. Ian Maddieson was the biggest mover through the field of all the TALON athletes. Ian passed through Duncan Canyon (mile 23.8) in 366th position overall and finished in 211th overall.

TALON Athlete Race Reports and Insight

Pointy-end Summary

So…what happened at the front of the race?

By midway through the race, the front-end was dominated by four guys; Anton Krupicka, Kilian Jornet, Geoff Roes, and Hal Koerner. A total of six minutes separated these four at the Eldorado Creek aid-station (mile 52.9). Tony and Kilian were together with Geoff three minutes back and Hal six minutes from the front. Plenty of racing yet to go.

By the time all four reached the Forest Hill aid-station (mile 62), Tony and Kilian continued to separate from Geoff and Hal. Geoff had fallen off the pace by 11 minutes and Hal 18 minutes.

11:26:00 into the race, Kilian and Tony pass through the Rucky Chuck River Crossing aid-station (mile 78). Geoff continues to lose time and comes through 15 minutes later. Hal continues to fade as Nick Clark moves into fourth, 46 minutes back from the lead.

Through the next seven miles Geoff is able to regroup and begins to feel great (yes, great!). Kilian is having dehydration and cramping issues and slows significantly through these miles and is passed by Geoff. Into the Auburn Lake Trails aid-station (mile 85.2), Tony leads by a mere three minutes over the charging Geoff. Kilian has dropped to 18 minutes back from the lead. How quickly things can change if one has some problems.

The next five miles into Brown’s Bar (mile 89.9) has Geoff back in the lead by a minuscule one minute. Game on! Kilian is still holding on to a 12 minute third place lead but 41 minutes back from first.

The win is now down to Geoff and Tony with both men digging deep. Mile 93.5 has both men still separated by only one minute.

Into No Hands Bridge (mile 96.8), Geoff is finally able to create six minutes of separation from Tony. Through Robbie Point (mile 98.9) the lead sticks to just under six minutes.

(Geoff running the last mile. If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Geoff Roes crosses the finish line on the track in Auburn is a course record time of 15:07:04. Just under seven minutes later, Anton Krupicka crosses the line in course record time of 15:13:53. Kilian Jornet is able to hold onto third with a charging Nick Clark just over one minute behind him.

Top 5 male:

  1. Geoff Roes – 15:17:04 (*new course record*)
  2. Anton Krupicka – 15:13:53 (*broke previous course record*)
  3. Kilian Jornet – 16:04:49
  4. Nick Clark – 16:05:56
  5. Zachariah Miller – 16:55:17

Tracy Garneau controlled the female race from the start and never gave it up for the entire 100.2 miles.  Her closest chaser for 80 miles had been Joelle Vaught. After 80 miles Tracy’s lead was 32 minutes but Joelle began to fade.

Taking up the chase into second was Meghan Arbogast who had cut Tracy’s lead down to 26 minutes at the Highway 49 Crossing (mile 93.5) as was moving through the rest of the field.

Tracy Garneau crossed the finish line shortly over 19 hours, in 19:01:55. The next person to finish was Meghan Arbogast in 19:15:58.

Top 5 female:

  1. Tracy Garneau – 19:01:55 (*20th overall*)
  2. Meghan Arbogast – 19:15:58 (*21st overall*)
  3. Nikki Kimball – 19:23:09 (*24th overall*)
  4. Rory Bosio – 19:32:07
  5. Caren Spore – 19:34:29

Race Media

What a great weekend! Sorry about my failed attempt at race day coverage. I will give it another go next year with a different approach.

Did you follow any of the race? What were your thoughts?

On a personal note, I ran on an amazing local trail (Big Cedar Wilderness Trails) southwest of Dallas that has been unknown to most in the area. Awesome!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

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