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2010 Western States 100 – Our Louisiana Trail Runners

Brian Jackson and Sam Landry will be arriving to the Western States 100 start line from the state of Louisiana.

I was able to track down Brian on the continent of Africa after he had just finished his second Comrades marathon and he kind enough to share a bit about himself as he tapers (I would assume) into Western States.

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Our Louisiana Runners Heading to the Western States 100

Brian Jackson – Bib # 256

How many years have you been playing in this goofy sport of trail/ultra running?

This is my first year of ultra trail running, 1st race was in February (RR100), WSER will be my 2nd!

Western States puts your downhill running skills to the test. What specific training (if any) have you done to prepare yourself for this unique challenge?

My specific training has been to hit the weight room hard. I’ve been doing 10-12 strength training sessions each week. Running volume is relatively low, ~40 mpw. I’ve run four marathons, a 30K, Rocky Raccoon 100, and Comrades to help prepare.

Besides the finish, what specific section of the course are you most looking forward to running or experiencing?

I know very little of the course itself. I’ve seen some pictures which are stunning so I just hope to be able to enjoy the scenery along the way!

Fun bonus question: Which animal best characterizes that way you plan on running Western States?

If I had to select an animal I’d go with a tortoise: slow, short legs, rather rotund but faster than you think and very persistent!

Also check out Brian’s insightful account of his 2009 Comrades Marathon experience.

Sam Landry – Bib # 284

Unfortunately I couldn’t get in contact with Sam. I tried to track down some results and it looks like Sam recently finished the Boston Marathon in April.

Good luck to Brian and Sam, our Louisiana athletes getting dirty at the Western States 100.

A special thanks to Brian for sharing a bit about himself.

To see the complete list of athletes profiled so far, check out the 2010 Western States TALON Athletes article.

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(Photos: Courtesy of Brian Jackson and cliff1066.)

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