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TATUR Estim8tur Run – 2010 Results

Watches – Phones – Sundials – Leave them at home!

A bit over a week ago, 63 athletes enjoyed pleasant conditions while enjoying a unique running event in Tulsa, Oklahoma called the TATUR Estim8tur.

What is so unique? The top finishers are not those that are the fastest but the ones that can most closely guess their finish time for a four or eight mile course. Your guess is also stapled to your back which may add clarity or confusion to yourself and others.

To add a bit more excitement, you don’t know the exact route prior to the start of the race. Ha! Sound like fun? 🙂


Simple – four or eight mile.

There may be some road, some dirt, some grass, some park. The exact details were saved for race day.


8 mile

The top 3 Estim8turs were able to guess their overall time to within one minute. The top 10, within two minutes. Toss in a relatively unknown course with varied terrain – I would call that pretty damn good!

Top 10 Estim8turs

  1. Brynna Schelbar – diff of 2 seconds!
  2. Paul Hulm – diff of 30 seconds!
  3. Wes Rupell – diff of 54 seconds!
  4. Chris Jennings – diff of 1:12.
  5. Greg Kittinger – diff of 1:24.
  6. Joe Gilbert – diff of 1:31.
  7. Becky King – diff of 1:42.
  8. Brian Edwards – diff of 1:44.
  9. Ben Wilson – diff of 1:45.
  10. Keith Jones – diff of 1:45.

4 mile

The top six Estim8turs guessed within one minute of their overall finish time.

Top 10 Estim8turs

  1. Cyndee Demellier – diff of 4 seconds!
  2. Aricka Easterling – diff of 16 seconds!
  3. Alice Helmke – diff of 18 seconds!
  4. Mark Crane – diff of 41 seconds.
  5. Ryan Flippo – diff of 43 seconds.
  6. Nicole Sass – diff of 54 seconds.
  7. Susan Westmoreland – diff of 1:09.
  8. Dan Demellier – diff of 1:45
  9. Brenna Lamkin – diff of 1:48.
  10. Paige Bohlen – diff of 1:52.

Complete results for both distances.

Race Reports

– Couldn’t find any during my cyber search. Anyone?

For anyone that played at the event, add a comment below, we would love to hear about your experience.

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