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Running America Film Review

Running America is a documentary film that follows two experienced extreme ultrarunners, Charlie Engle (from Running The Sahara) and Marshall Ulrich (age:57), as they attempt to run from San Fransisco to New York City starting on September 13, 2008.

They not only want to cross the country but do it in 46 days and set a new record (some history of this adventure). This record setting attempt would require you to travel by foot 70 miles per day, for 46 days in a row. I think this challenge could be considered epic…just maybe.

The film

Running America follows Charlie, Marshall, and the support teams as they experience those special sunsets and moments of peace along the more quiet areas of the country.

You also get a glimpse into those challenging and dark moments of injury management and self-doubt, while wrapped around extreme, extreme, extreme fatigue. How does one come to terms with having to run in significant discomfort and pain, day after day after day…for 46 or more days? Not easy.

The films follows more of the lows than the highs which in reality is likely the more real story.

The other component to the film are fairly short sound bites with citizens from all walks of life and areas of the country. They share their thoughts and concerns about our country.

My thoughts

Mental toughness, discomfort (and pain), perseverance, and a bit of insanity oozes from the film. Not a lot of warm-fuzzies in this one. It is raw and real.

The negative state-of-the-country talk got old fairly quickly. While I agree with some of the opinions, after a while the negativity wore on me a bit. The message eventually turns positive but it took a while.

Running America also gives you the OK to dream big, the courage to start, and the willingness to experience the journey, wherever it leads.

Afterwards, I couldn’t help but think about Lisa Smith-Batchen and her 50-50-2 months challenge.

To view

If interested in checking out Running America, one way is to visit the NEHST Studios Running America page for DVD, direct download, and streaming options. Nice variety of price points.

Film website: Running America

Anyone else watch it? Thoughts?

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