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TALON Athletes in the News and Lost Syllamo Runner Report

trail-running-newsA couple interesting reads concerning the TALON region.

Ultrarunning and Life

Two Texas athletes, Jay Norman and Rochelle Frazeur, share how ultrarunning has supported their life journey in a Dallas Morning News article.

A couple small quotes that I especially like:

“At first he could only run around the block once, then progressed to twice around. Then he worked up to 10Ks. Now, 25 years later, the ultrarunner’s list of accomplishments include distances most athletes half his age don’t attempt, much less complete.”

The above quote from Jay’s article is a great reminder that any lifestyle change simply begins by having the courage to take the first step…or jog around the block. Just start, and the journey begins!

“Runs 100 miles or 100K at least once a month to stay sharp.”

The above quote from Rochelle’s article is clearly the sound-bite that confirms ultra athletes are a bit different…and I think we like it that way. My other thought was Damn!

You can check out the full Dallas Morning News article here.

3 Days of Syllamo – The Lost and Then Found Runner Report

This past March, Arkansas multi-stage trail running event, 3 Days of Syllamo, had what nobody wants to hear – a missing runner.

Day two of the event consisted of a 50 mile trail run in Ozark mountains and at mile 41, Michael DeMerritt, took a wrong turn and mistakenly continued further down the trail until he was officially lost. Without a light source, DeMerritt was brought to a halt as complete darkness set in. After a sleepless night, he was able to find a passing pickup truck at 2:30 pm. It was finally over.

Read his insightful report at

The most important quote for us all.

“If you ever lose your way, retrace your steps back to the last point you are sure of. We don’t want to have to come looking for you.”

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